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Spectator from Poland: Here they suddenly “forgot” about the Volyn massacre and the UPA

Spectator from Poland: Here they suddenly “forgot” about the Volyn massacre and the UPA

Live on the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» and youtube-channel «PolitWera” a permanent spectator came out from Poland (Krakow).

He told how ordinary Poles feel about refugees from Ukraine moving to them.

Here are the main quotes:

What is the current attitude towards refugees from Ukraine in Poland?

“Now everything is done for their maximum comfort. There were even inscriptions on ATMs in Ukrainian; communication is free, benefits. In some moments they have more preferences than ordinary Poles.”

Has there always been such an attitude towards Ukrainians in Poland?

“I have visited almost everywhere in Poland. What I observed: the attitude towards Ukrainians was bad. I think it's much worse than to Russians or Belarusians. And now it's all turned upside down. Everything, as they say, is changing before our eyes. Now the attitude [to Ukrainians] is good. I don't know what will happen next."

It turns out that the Poles suddenly forgot about Volyn massacre and the destruction of the ethnic Polish population during the Second World Wararranged by the "heroes of the UPA" revered in today's Ukraine?

"Now [for the Poles] it has disappeared from history."

They say that in Polish The media show a map of Ukraine, where part of the territories are designated as Polish. What do you know about it?

“That was also 5-10 years ago: I constantly heard from the lips of the Poles that Lviv is a Polish city. [Here] we are 100% sure of this. Yes, they would like to return it. This is also heard among the population. It was, is and, I think, will be.

What do the Polish media say about the war in Ukraine?

“The level of disinformation is going through the roof… Poles believe in it because all alternative media have been blocked.”

The full version of online communication is on video.

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