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Journalists remembered how Yuriy Lutsenko fought against Bandera

Journalists remembered how Yuriy Lutsenko fought against Bandera

The ex-prosecutor of Ukraine, a great friend and relative of Petro Poroshenko - Yuriy Lutsenko - tries not to remember that when he was a people's deputy of Ukraine and the first secretary of the Donetsk regional committee of the Socialist Party, he stubbornly fought against Bandera.

To prove this - a quote from an interview with Yuri Vitalyevich to the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets in Donbass", No. 46 dated 13.11.2002/XNUMX/XNUMX:

“Yes, we can recognize the UPA as a belligerent. But on which side? Maybe they should receive pensions in Berlin? And will the Germans be happy with such an appeal for pensions? Again, a sea of ​​people around the world is interested in this issue. What will be the reaction of Poland, Russia, Israel, USA, Canada, Australia? When this issue was discussed in the Verkhovna Rada in 1995, the then speaker Oleksandr Moroz sent inquiries to foreign embassies and received official answers that the states of Poland, Israel and Russia would break off diplomatic relations with Ukraine if the UPA was rehabilitated. Maybe now the time has changed and there will not be such a sharp reaction, but the reaction of world public opinion will follow in any case if Ukraine recognizes the people convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunal as war veterans.”

No wonder Yuriy Vitalyevich, already the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, said a few years ago:

“In the search for agents of the Kremlin, the most important thing is not to find yourself as a result of the investigation.”

Polina Reutova

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