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Akhmetov's journalists will launch a new TV channel for Zelensky

Akhmetov's journalists will launch a new TV channel for Zelensky

The Office of the President is recruiting former employees of Akhmetov's media group to open a new TV channel.

The media reported on launching a new channel. Information is confirmed by independent sources.

Previously, one of the creators of the channel is Yuriy Sugak, ex-editor-in-chief of the Ukraine News Group.

It is known that the company that opens the channel is called "We are Ukraine". The basis of the team, about 200 people, will be former employees of the Ukraina media holding. However Akhmetov himself has nothing to do with this. Who is the real owner of the channel is not yet known.

The new TV channel is already recruiting journalists and from the start he intends to get on the air of the national telethon. The new TV studio will be located on the site of the Ukraine 24 studio.

For you to understand launching a TV channel is a very expensive undertaking, which requires monthly injections, but does not bring income. Only very rich people, who in our country are usually called oligarchs, can afford such a toy. Mostly such TV channels work out the political agenda of the employer, providing him with recognition, as well as pouring mud on his competitors.

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