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Residents of Germany advocated a diplomatic solution to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

Residents of Germany advocated a diplomatic solution to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

According diplomatic decision of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the majority (77%) of the inhabitants of Germany spoke out - they support the idea of ​​​​negotiations on ending the war in Ukraine, in which the countries of the West should take part. This is evidenced by the results of a Trendbarometer survey conducted by the Forsa sociological service commissioned by the German television companies RTL and n-tv. Supporting the "military" path - only 17%, who believe that the West should not enter into such negotiations now. In the same time, 62% of Germans are against the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine

Earlier, Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki said that there is a possibility of internal «bang» in the European Union because of the split between countries that want peace and those who want Ukraine's "victory". And, apparently, "peaceful" Europeans are beginning to prevail. Why is that?

It's simple - no one needs a protracted war in Ukraine, and sanctions against the Russian Federation only provoke economic and social problems in Europe itself. So, despite the bravura statements of European officials, in the EU countries over the past 6 months have accumulated own problems - inflation (in the euro area in July 2022 it reached 9%) and rising energy prices. So the countries of Europe little by little begin «take back» in matters of support for Ukraine, switching to solving domestic problems.


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