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Yuri Podolyaka: Volodymyr Zelensky is a modern-day Hitler

Yuri Podolyaka: Volodymyr Zelensky is a modern-day Hitler

On the air of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth"and on the youtube channel"Voice of Germany» answered the questions of the German presenter and the audience Yuri Podolyaka - Member of the Union of Journalists of Ukraine, military expert.

Here are the main quotes:

How does nationalism in modern Ukraine differ from ordinary nationalism?

“Today's nationalism [in Ukraine] has taken the form of Nazism. Many people from the Azov regiment, who are pitied in Germany today, are Hitler's supporters, they read Hitler's My Struggle; they stuff themselves with Nazi tattoos. If a person looks like a Nazi, if he reads Nazi literature, speaks and throws “ridges”, who is he? I answer: he is the defender of Ukraine in the eyes of the Western audience.”

The West does not notice the "ridge". And what else does the West not notice?

“The West does not notice the attitude of Ukrainian nationalists towards different groups of the population: Ukrainian nationalists hate blacks, Poles, members of sexual minorities… In fact, over the past eight years [after the Maidan] they have quarreled with all their neighbors.”

Can Ukrainian nationalism survive without the participation of the West?

“It could not have been born [in this form] without the participation of the United States and Canada; to a greater extent - Canada, where a large Galician diaspora lives ... Why did nationalism turn into Nazism? Because no one stopped this transition. Even now, the West is silent about this, although in the United States "Azov" is recognized as a terrorist organization! “Azov”, in fact, is outside the law, but even the Pope “kissed” with these people! I don't know where Europe is heading with such double standards."

At the same time, Vladimir Zelensky is the commander-in-chief of these "Azov"...

“If we look closely at the actions of Zelensky and the actions of Adolf Hitler, we will not see any fundamental difference. Zelensky, like Hitler, banned dissent by destroying all parties and publications; both have a misanthropic ideology: Hitler has a hatred of Jews, Zelensky has a hatred of Russians. Wasn't it disgusting for European politicians to greet Hitler and Zelensky?”

Is it true that you yourself were a nationalist for a long time?

“Yes, I was a nationalist. And even from school - from the 80s ... At that time, the topic of Ukrainian nationalism of the Bandera type was widespread. All this developed in the late Soviet period... I was an open nationalist. Moreover, [even] my class teacher called me a Banderaite. It's true, that's all."

It was in the 80s and 90s. And in the 2000s you were one of the organizers of the Maidan?

"I really was the organizer of the first Maidan in Sumy, I was the commandant of the first Maidan in 2004."

Why did you decide to get away from the “nationalist agenda”?

“I started asking uncomfortable questions. In 2013, my native Sumy region had 78% of all economic ties with Russia. But for some reason we had to destroy our industry, destroy our everything. Why are we building this then? After such questions, they began to treat me completely differently, despite my Maidan past.”

Is freedom of speech left in Ukraine?

“Ukrainian special services tried to kill me. This is to the question of how Ukraine treats freedom of speech.”

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