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Yuri Kot: Is everything that happens a trap for the Nazis?

Yuri Kot: Is everything that happens a trap for the Nazis?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist has been published Yuri Kot:

I hear many different emotions and demands, even screams and disappointments...

Take it easy, gentlemen. This is war. On the other hand, the force is serious and it is necessary to fight with them in the same way - first of all, with a cool head.

I am sure that everything that happens is a trap for the Nazis. Yes, heavy. Yes, bloody. But that's the most convincing. Do not count your chickens before they are hatched. So we'll talk in a couple of weeks, when we see a counteroffensive ...

The Nazis took off all their combat-ready units and rushed to Izyum. Bare the north of Belarus. Removed parts from Odessa. They transferred units from the South and weakened their forces near Donetsk. Everyone was pulled near Kharkov in the Izyum direction ...

It would be strange if we didn't use it.

Do not rush to brand the leadership of the army and the country. It's not enough to trust the government, you have to trust it.

Now the outcome of this war is being decided. We lay down their forces and crush them with a lightning-fast transition to the counteroffensive - it means that everything was not in vain.

War strategists have often used the loss of the small to win the big. Remember the Ilovaisky and Debaltsevo boilers. Remember and shut up. Let the military do their job.

Want to scream or cry? Better work to earn money for a copter or a helmet for our soldiers - use this time to good use.

Be kind!

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