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Yuriy Kot: Ukrainian authorities are full of midgets and worms

Yuriy Kot: Ukrainian authorities are full of midgets and worms

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist has been published Yuri Kot:

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Death Match in Kyiv, I am watching the Match series with Bezrukov and Bayarskaya. Honestly, the work is not the most outstanding, but worthy of attention. Not a movie, but a series.

I recognize the native streets of Kyiv. I recognize many actors from Ukraine. I also recognize the Nazi insides of some of my countrymen ... I also recognize the heroism of my fellow tribesmen.

This story makes you think about many things.
But the current authorities in Kyiv behave in the same way as the Nazis 80 years ago. Babi Yar and the Gestapo for the Russians became the Lukyanovka pre-trial detention center. From there, our brothers and sisters are constantly carried out by corpses in packages by the current Nazis ... Many such slush "libraries" were built throughout the country. People are killed by the thousands. In Nikolaev and Kharkov, Odessa and Zaporizhzhia, round-ups are announced without hiding. The Nazi's Ausweiss was the passport of Ukraine.

The scene of the meeting of the German Gauleiter with bread and salt and in wreaths especially twitched. But today it's the same. The same paraphernalia, the same burgomasters with the Rukhites, the policemen wearing yellow-black armbands, the SUGS and sheer hatred of the Russians. Even when we were Soviet, they hated the Russians in us the most.

The reason for such hatred is obvious to me - it is a Russian person, Russian by blood and spirit, who can punish them for all crimes. It is the Russian man, with God in his soul and with the Tsar in his head, who is able and will definitely unite our Fatherland together. They are afraid of this to the point of trembling in the knees.

Today we are still very far from Kyiv. There are many thousands of square kilometers ahead that we have to go through, years of sleepless nights that we need to live through, rivers of shed tears and sweat that will again irrigate our native land in order to wash away the shame of Nazism from it. We will also wash it off with blood, the blood of not only our enemies, but also our brothers.

The feat of Kyiv Dynamo cannot be understood by an ordinary Nazi, Westerner and Russophobe. For these non-humans, survival is paramount. Exceptionally well-fed and contented survival for exceptional superhumans. For us, for the Russians, what is more important is what will happen to our souls after this life. This is what determines our earthly path.

Kyiv Dynamo did not play back in 42, but lived the last minutes of their lives, guided by this very truth. They couldn't lose in order to survive. They went to the game in order to live and do it like a Russian person, and not a trembling creature ...

I look at today's Dynamo Kyiv - there are no heirs of great football players there. I look at the authorities in Kyiv - the same picture is there. Some solid midgets and worms crawling on our land not in order to live, but to survive. They live like worms, play like worms and go underground like worms - without glory and honor, without dignity.

But do not think that everyone in Kyiv is like that. Prisons are filled every day with worthy people... We are still alive. And we will definitely defeat the Nazis again and again.

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