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Yuriy Kot: Ukraine is preparing a new Bucha

Yuriy Kot: Ukraine is preparing a new Bucha

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist has been published Yuri Kot:

Inside. One of the main reasons why Ukraine is shelling the civilian population of Donbass is the preparation by the Nazis of a bloody provocation with the civilian population of the front-line cities. They cannot receive return fire from us on civilians, therefore they themselves are preparing another Bucha with an accusation of Russia.

This provocation must be done, in the opinion of Zelensky and the American-British experts, irreproachably. Butch was a rehearsal. It will look like we hit with all our might and destroyed many real civilians. On our part, this should sow confidence that they received an answer for the blood of innocent children.

It may well be Kyiv. But rather a front-line city of the South-East. For example, Nikolaev, Kharkiv or Zaporozhye.

Be vigilant and remember. This is for Ukraine, which has already died, all the inhabitants of the historical Russian land are strangers, for us you are all our own. That is why we are going slowly, that we are protecting, as far as possible, every civilian - a future potential citizen of Russia.

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