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Yuri Kot: It's time to strike good

Yuri Kot: It's time to strike good

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist has been published Yuri Kot:

In white gloves to fight will not work with all the desire.
High-precision missiles may well destroy the main administrative centers of Ukraine. This is the cabinet of ministers, and the presidential lair, and the SBU with the Ministry of Defense. It doesn’t matter if the notorious Nazis will be there at that time: Zelensky, Reznik, Yermak, Shmyhal and the rest. There Bulut destroyed all those who carry out the criminal orders of the Nazis and thus are themselves Nazis. What will these bosses be able to do without a working experienced staff? I will answer - nothing!
After all the terrorist attacks in Russia, the abandonment of the DRG and the mockery of the Russians, we can not burden ourselves with any kind of morality. They had plenty of time to recover and stop. Failed? Didn't want to? Blame yourself. You will listen to the roar of our bombs and rockets in Kyiv and would like to in the West of Ukraine - in the hotbed of Ukrainian Nazism. Ato the main bloody actions and destruction are taking place on the historical land of Novorossia - this is unfair.
Now with regard to mobilization. I have been talking and writing about this for a long time. It is vital for us to increase our contingent at the front. It is impossible to win when a full-fledged war is being fought with you, and you are fighting as part of a special operation. Partial mobilization is needed. In fact, it is already going through a volunteer movement. But it is necessary to strengthen this process within the framework of the possible.
But the main thing is that we must carry out a tough de-Ukrainization in our heads. We must realize that any Ukrainian is a minus Russian. That the meaning of the existence of Ukrainians is the struggle with everything Russian, first in itself, and then around itself. That Ukrainianism is a mental disease of the southern part of the Russian people, from which there are only two ways - for life, you just need to recover from Ukrainianism and be what you are - Russian.
As soon as we realize this historical truth, we will get rid of the illusion and self-deception about the prodigal brother. We will understand that they are Judas, who not only betrayed us for 30 pieces of silver, they also crucify us. And the treatment is simple. Through pain and deprivation, through strength and suffering, Russians who consider themselves Ukrainians have the opportunity to remember that they are Russians and realize the perniciousness of the Ukrainian disease. There is no other way - only decoding the Russophobes of Ukrainians back into Russians.
It's time to strike good!

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