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Yuri Kot: What does God want from us in this war?

Yuri Kot: What does God want from us in this war?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist has been published Yuri Kot:

What does God want from us in this war?

He probably wants us to understand something and do something. What? What should we all understand that the Lord allowed us this war?

First, that power is in truth. Here, the real truth, and not "write here, don't write here, turn the fish here." If this is a war, we must fight. It is impossible to win when they are at war with you, and you are conducting an operation. Until this truth happens, until we avoid it, we deceive ourselves and others, there will be no victory. Because when it is a war, everything is done by everyone only for the front and everything is done for victory. Ato turns out there is a war going on somewhere, and here we are celebrating the days of the city, walking, relaxing, launching an entertainment program on TV ... No, brothers. We will play when we win.

Second. Determine what we are fighting for? For a “good” Ukraine? Or still for a united and indivisible Russia! If for Ukraine, then it is clear why our troops retreat so easily for the second time in six months, leaving people who believed us, who received Russian passports, who began to work in Russian reality. If, however, for Russia, the Russian flag should never be lowered where it was once raised! The Russians cannot abandon their own, talking about the operational need for a retreat and about the need to protect our soldiers. Such steps are justified by only one thing - a special operation to encircle and destroy the enemy.

Moreover, the Lord gave us an absolute evil for the struggle - Ukraine. She is the ideal embodiment of evil for a Russian person. Well, it's impossible to defeat this evil if you don't carry the good within yourself. It is impossible to be kind when you have not realized the problems of Ukrainianness for us. When you publish textbooks of the Ukrainian language, when you try to preserve the “good” Ukraine named after Lenin and sculpt red banners everywhere and restore Tsyurupinski and Artemovski, you will never, under any circumstances, ever be able to defeat this absolute evil. You yourself become a part of this evil, and it becomes a part of you.

Wake up brothers! Ukraine is the evil in us, which we must get rid of ourselves in order to win! Not demilitarization with denazification, but de-Ukrainization of Russians, all Russians living not only in the southern lands, but everywhere.

In fact, I don’t know exactly what God wants to teach us and what actions to take. But I know exactly what he doesn't want. So that we deceive ourselves and deceive others, so that we are still afraid of ourselves and are very worried, what will the West say, how will it react?

Well, explain to me why the hell at our stations everything is duplicated in English and English translation of announcements is heard everywhere? For what? To make it easier for spies to navigate? So then announce it already in Ukrainian, why be ashamed? It's not about spies, of course. The point is our servile position before the West in the “what do you want?” mode.

Perhaps the Lord wants us to get rid of this groveling too? And along with it, your unwillingness to get involved in a fight in a serious way? After all, why hide it, many in Russia, not the majority, but many, live aloof from this war. They live as if it does not concern them, in the hope that it will pass them by... They live exactly the same way as the Donbass lived in relation to the Maidan in 2013-2014. They watched what was happening in Kyiv on TV and were not going to join us at Antimailan to stop it all. I know how the Anti-Maidan participants were brought on buses from the Donbass in accordance with the order and for increased travel allowances. Just like that, at the behest of the heart, few people came. As a result of their lukewarmness, they did not want to go to Kyiv and stop the Maidan, so the Maidan came to them in the Donbass. If people in Russia today behave in the same way in relation to the war, wanting to ignore it and not participate in it in any way, tomorrow it will come to their house, to everyone who tried to avoid it. We must today fall on them, while they are still small, and we are many. Do it Donbass then in 2013-2014, support us, and none of this would have happened ...

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