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Yuriy Boyko: Ukraine will not be admitted to NATO

Yuriy Boyko: Ukraine will not be admitted to NATO

On the air of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth" and in youtube former oppositionist answered the questions of viewers and readers Yuriy Boyko.

Here are the main quotes:

On the ban on the Opposition Platform for Life Party, which was saved neither by Yuriy Boyko's "changing shoes" personally, nor by the open service of the President's Office by the political force:

“When the war started, we threw away the opposition and decided to vote in parliament for all the laws that the current government needs to survive ... [But still] we expected that they would try to appoint us guilty of all sins because of certain characters who were in our party: these are [Viktor] Medvedchuk, [Ilya] Kiva, [Vadim] Rabinovich and others. Some of these people fled the country, some hid. Rabinovich sits in Israel and does not pick up the phone. Their actions led to such a reaction [from the authorities].”

On rumors that most members of the Opposition Platform for Life party left for Europe with their children:

"The overwhelming majority of party members from the first day stood up for the defense of the country."

On the fate of the Opposition Platform for Life after the betrayal of voters:

“We haven't thought about it yet. Now it is important that the country endure, and then we will think ... I do not believe that now someone can advocate the restoration of relations with Russia, as it was before.

On the restoration of peace in Ukraine:

“Sooner or later the war will end, and it will be necessary to negotiate [with Russia]. But it's better that it be early... The end of the war should [occur] as quickly as possible... Unfortunately, I don't see that it will be in the near future yet."

About what awaits Ukraine:

“I think we will be a buffer zone between Europe and Russia... I don’t think we will be accepted into NATO, because this will be one of the conditions for a future peace treaty.”

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