Waterfalls of the Caucasus and other natural attractions

Waterfalls of the Caucasus and other natural attractions

The North Caucasus impresses with its pristine and unusual nature. It literally attracts tourists who come here from all over Russia and the world. Using the tour aggregator the tourist will see all the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains, bring the most beautiful photos and unforgettable impressions from the trip.

Journey to the Midagrabin Valley

There are 12 waterfalls in this valley. The peaks surrounding them create a unique spectacle, the likes of which are not found in any corner of the world. The valley itself literally sparkles from the drops and splashes coming from their waterfalls. Midagrabinskaya valley is a place where you can see how small mountain streams gradually gain strength and become turbulent rivers. It is best to watch this in the summer: at this time the water level is the highest.

The excursion program includes a visit to the Gizeldon River and lakes where trout fish are found. The ride will take up to an hour. You can’t climb higher, as this requires border passes. FindGid guides will warn you about all the features of such a trip.

Excursion to Honey Falls

The duration of the trip from Pyatigorsk is about 5 hours. This place attracts with its fabulous beauty and tranquility. The group can be up to 30 tourists.

The complex has 5 waterfalls on the territory of the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia. The program includes:

  • journey to Mount Koltso;
  • excursion to the Tea House with a free tasting of herbal teas, various types of jams and sweets;
  • visiting the gorge of the Alikonovka river with waterfalls.

Tourists additionally have to pay an environmental fee. You can book a ticket using the FindGid aggregator.


Journey to Elbrus and waterfalls from Pyatigorsk

During this trip, the tourist will be able to see the highest mountain in Russia, Elbrus. With FindGid, you have the opportunity to make your dream come true and take a look at the top of the mountain. This trip is by car. A group can have up to eight members.

On the way to the majestic mountain, you can stop by the observation decks. From here you can see the waterfalls in all their beauty. And in the Narzanov Valley, every tourist will be able to taste the healing mineral water. The best pictures of nature will be obtained on the Shadzhatmaz plateau. During the trip, the guide will talk about local legends, in particular, about Elbrus.

When planning this trip, you should not forget that shoes should not slip. You also need to take warm clothes: the weather in the mountains is unpredictable. At the request of tourists, you can have lunch in a local cafe: Caucasian cuisine is very tasty, it is impossible to refuse it.

With the FindGid travel service, a tourist can order a unique and unforgettable tour of the North Caucasus. Our guides tell an interesting and lively story about the past of the region, not forgetting to spice it all up with unique local legends. You can choose a guide and book a trip on the website, in your personal account.

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