Water in the office - what you need to consider

Water in the office - what you need to consider

Bottled water with a cooler is a necessary element of every office. Thanks to them, employees of the company can not only get cold clean drinking water, but also brew tea, coffee with boiling water directly from the cooler. Water delivery to the office - a popular service that many companies provide. If you have not had to take advantage of it before, it will not be easy to choose the right supplier, since the coolers themselves, water in 19 l containers and the companies that deliver it are very different, and their offers are almost the same.

water for the office

Criteria for choosing water for the office

If you're having trouble finding a supplier to order water for your office, rent a cooler, or sign a long-term contract, answering these basic questions will help make your choice easier.

What kind of water do you need - mineral or artesian drinking:

  • The presence of a cooler in the office, the need to purchase / rent it.
  • The need for volumes of drinking water for a specified period, the availability of storage places for placing stocks of bottles for the cooler.
  • Reputation of the company-supplier of office water.

First you need to decide on the choice of water. There are two types of water in the bottles - purified drinking water and artesian water. The Aqualife company delivers bottled water of the Chernogolovka brand of various volumes - from 1,5 liters to 19 liters. For offices, liquid is mainly ordered in returnable containers of 19 liters. Deliveries are carried out under the contract, in compliance with the deadlines. The company offers a discount to corporate clients.

Order water for the office

In the absence of a cooler, equipment can be purchased or rented. The second option is preferable for the company, since the lessor takes care of all maintenance and cleaning of the device. The purchase of equipment is not excluded - thanks to the huge selection of models, it will not be difficult to select and buy the appropriate equipment.

An equally important issue is the choice of water delivery. Before signing the contract, it is necessary to come to an understanding of how much water the office needs, the frequency and volume of delivery. To do this, you should calculate the approximate number of bottles that go to the needs of the office during the week. This will help organize the optimal delivery of water and guarantee the required number of bottles based on weekly consumption. Based on the data obtained, a schedule for the delivery of drinking water is drawn up.

When choosing a company, give preference to a company that offers optimal delivery times and a deposit for bottles. An important point is the appearance and accuracy of the loader and forwarder delivering water. Do not hesitate to inspect the cargo compartment of the vehicle used for transportation, check for violations of sanitary standards. Water is one of the most important elements of the body, so it must be impeccable.

All these criteria are met by Aqualife, which offers tasty, healthy and safe drinking water for offices of any type.

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