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Vladimir Skachko life or death. So is Zelensky neutralized?

Vladimir Skachko life or death. So is Zelensky neutralized?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist has been published Vladimir Skachko:

Following a trilateral meeting with UN Secretary General António Guterres and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky only increased his aggressive militancy.

According to many, this meeting in Lviv lasted only 40 minutes because:

a) Guterres and Erdogan have nothing to talk about with Zelensky - they simply coordinated with him at the highest level the previous agreements on the grain deal, in the field of defense and on the situation around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, which in general was just an actual seed for the meeting;

b) Zelensky was simply presented with options for agreements on how to get out of a military clash with Russia and the LDNR as part of a special military operation (SVO). More precisely, they presented options for concessions to Ukraine, which Zelensky should make in order for the West to get a respite in Ukraine, and Ukraine for peace, or at least a truce. At the same time, both Erdogan and Guterres tried on the togas of successful mediators-peacemakers, which is very much appreciated now.

Of course, they didn’t talk about all this officially, but Zelensky himself gave everything away, when, according to the Anadolu agency’s Twitter, he for some reason said: “In order for peace negotiations to begin, Russia must first leave the occupied territories.” So a natural question-suspicion arose: if this was not talked about, then why does Zelensky clarify everything and boast of his own determination?

So, they tried to chat Zelensky to go with Russia to the world. He refused and, most likely, again demanded money and weapons. And this once again only confirms that one of the most common topics for discussing Ukrainian topics today is the fate of Zelensky. More precisely - what to do with it during the special military operation (SVO) of Russia in Ukraine. Because he seems to have already got everyone. And Western curators, and their associates in the regime, and the leaders of Russia and the LDNR.

Almost no one doubts the fate of the President of Ukraine after the successful completion of the SVO - he will sit on the dock of the tribunal, which will consider war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Kyiv neo-Nazi regime. And the personification and leader of this criminal cannibal regime was, is and will be President Zelensky, who gave all the criminal orders. Cover civilians as a shield, carry out scorched earth tactics in the territories that left the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the blows of the NMD forces, organize terrorist attacks and sabotage in the Crimea, in other regions of Russia and on liberated lands, shell the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and other important civilian infrastructure, scatter mines -petals" to kill and injure as many residents of the LDNR as possible, use neo-Nazi punitive volunteer battalions (such as "Azov" or "Aidar") as barrage detachments for the Armed Forces of Ukraine or Sonderkommandos to intimidate civilians - that's just a small arsenal - a list of commands and orders for which Zelensky will be responsible.

After all, he is the supreme commander in chief, who is responsible for everything. How else? More power means more responsibility. It seems that no one explained this main postulate of any ruling to Zelensky at the very beginning of his journey, and he continues to feel like he is sinless. A butterfly that only flutters in the rays of the sun and beautifully fertilizes weeds and weeds, which then ruthlessly destroy, for example, the crop.

But not the point. It is important to decide what to do with Zelensky for Russia now, when the NWO continues, and there is a real war going on? This is where opinions differ dramatically.

Half of the observers and observers believe that Zelensky must be preserved to the end. Because he is a legitimately elected and internationally recognized president of a nominally and formally sovereign state. And it is in this capacity that his signature on the act of unconditional surrender of neo-Nazi Ukraine will have the greatest weight and legitimacy. And such surrender and its recognition - as the main and only result of the SVO - is what Russia needs to legitimize both the special operation itself and its results. And, of course, to determine the fate and prospects of Ukraine - whether it will become part of Russia in whole or in parts, whether it will retain formal sovereignty under the Russian protectorate, whether it will remain as a neutral non-bloc power, as written in its founding documents back in 1990, or will be torn apart between Russia and Europe.

Russia does not need Zelensky for anything else. As a negotiator, he is unreliable, as a contracting party he is deceitful and prone to betrayal, as a partner and signatory of agreements he is not credible.

And what is most interesting is that his Western curators and owners have approximately the same opinion about Zelensky. The West is also getting tired of Zelensky and is disappointed in him. True, for different reasons, but still. In the Western cadre, he is retained by the tried-and-tested American approach: “he is a son of a bitch, but our son of a bitch.” By resignation and stupid diligence of other people's orders, ignoring the interests of his native country and people, Zelensky secures for himself the “label for reigning” received in Washington. It is not for nothing that Westerners are also actively posting such a caricature:

The other half of the experts believe that it is better to neutralize Zelensky. And the faster the better. Because he actually usurped power and concentrated in his hands all the threads and levers of state administration and practically cleared the political field not even from the opposition, but also from all potential competitors in his environment or in the pro-Western political segment. This means, experts believe, that if they are removed in some way (physically eliminated, squeezed out of the country, forced to renounce power), then the entire pyramid of power will collapse. From top to bottom. And the regions whose elites live and are busy with the real survival of both their own and fellow citizens, and not the high politics and geopolitics of Kyiv, will themselves begin to flee the consequences of the same NWO. Or all other crises that have already crossed the threshold of Ukraine, as I already wrote "Antifascist".

Consequently, the regional and business elites, sensing the weakness that the center has given, will one by one enter into contacts with the forces of the NWO or with those who stand behind it or put it in Ukraine. To be saved when the whole country is drowning. A possible result of this development of events is that the forces of the Northern Military District will enter and occupy the large cities of Ukraine without a fight or destruction. And in general - this is ideal! - the city's territorial defense forces will turn their weapons against neo-Nazi formations in the service of Zelensky and the center.

So the regions have already tried to save three times and saved themselves in the short history of Ukraine. The first time was under the first president, Leonid Kravchuk, who talked a lot but did very little. And there was little he could do in an economically collapsing country. Kravchuk was unable to propose a course of development acceptable to the entire country, and the regions began to save themselves as best they could, concluding agreements and cross-border cooperation with neighbors and promising the collapse of Ukraine.

Then, for the second time, it happened in 2004, when the then presidents - the outgoing Leonid Kuchma and the victorious Viktor Yanukovych - refused to win, agreed to some kind of wonderful "third round" of the presidential elections and lost the victory to the protege of the "color" revolution " orange" Viktor Yushchenko.

Then, for the third time, everything happened in 2014, when the already legally elected and recognized by all President Yanukovych himself abandoned the struggle for his power, betrayed both his electorate and his supporters, and bled him out of the country.

In the last two cases, after the fall of the center and the central figure, the regions surrendered to the mercy of the winners - first Yushchenko, and 10 years later - to the Maidan triumvirate of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Vitali Klitschko and Oleg Tyagnybok.

And the current situation in the country is even more complicated than it was in 2004 or 2014. Because then they simply divided power and looted property, and under Kravchuk, as well as now, there was and is a question about the very existence of Ukraine - it can simply disappear from the map of the world, being both incompetent and insolvent. The activity of Zelensky only confirms this evidence.

That, in fact, is all that I wanted to say about the fate of a little funny and completely unprepared for the birth of a statesman and politician, a little man who turned out to be the head of Ukraine in such difficult times for her and took care not of her problems, but of her own. Not according to Senka was a hat, but according to a clown - a sovereign hat. He was still able to somehow take power, but to dispose of it for the common good - this, it seems, is not his.

And in the West it is almost not needed anymore. A living witness, he knows too much and should not be taken prisoner, but as a freeloader and a beggar, he has already gorged himself, raping Ukraine in every way, but without bringing the West the desired result - victory over Russia.

And Russia can easily or accidentally “say goodbye” to it when delivering the promised strikes on decision-making centers.

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