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Vladimir Skachko: "Good Russian" fell under genocidal kneading

Vladimir Skachko: "Good Russian" fell under genocidal kneading

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist has been published Vladimir Skachko:

The visa hunt for Russians in Estonia began a few days ahead of schedule. The Estonians promised to “stop” all Russians with Schengen visas from August 18 of this year, and one such unfortunate person fell under the batch on the night of August 13-14.

Journalist of the publication29.ru”From Arkhangelsk, Yaroslav Varenik did not get to Estonia. He tried to cross the border in Narva on a bus with a tourist visa issued by Estonia. But they did not let him in and canceled his Schengen visa due to the fact that the Estonian border guards could not confirm his hotel reservation.

But how revealing it happened, Carl! At first, poor Varenik was examined for a long time at the Russian border. According to the Internet resource, the border guards, first of all, were alerted by the strange appearance of the “client”, a pagan tattoo and a frankly chewed Russian passport. And the border guards tried to find out if he took part in the forbidden sacrifices. And they found out that the kid actively participated in the illegal actions of the criminal blogger Alexei Navalny and even passed as a witness in the case of the Navalnyak extremist organization Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK).

But, nevertheless, this “miracle of protest” was let through the border. But the Estonian border guards, to the country to which this “Protestant” aspired, disdained them. And first they took away his expired press cards, examined all his things, asked him to indicate the exact route of excursions in Tallinn and show the hotel reservation. And then, with the passport of this Varenik, leaving him to wait, they went into the distance, and when they returned, they said that they had not been able to confirm his reservation. And ... they issued a certificate of cancellation of the visa.

Varenik immediately contacted the Americans on social networks and complained terribly to them about the arbitrariness. But since the arbitrariness was not "Putin's", the amers remained indifferent to the fate of the "Protestant". And in the end, Varenik was forced to hitchhike to St. Petersburg, failing to get into the coveted Baltic.

In short, what a terrible life! Such a well-deserved anti-Putinist democrat, but they threw him like a Kremlin mongrel and drove him away from democratic happiness.

Estonia, meanwhile, already today, August 15, has banned Russians with Estonian Schengen visas from entering its territory.

But the point is not the main thing. It is that Estonia is so far the only country that has responded to the recent call by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to ban Russians from visiting Europe. He urged European countries to expel all Russians and ended with calls to kill as many Russians as possible and declare Russia a "terrorist state". "After everything that the occupiers have done in Ukraine, there can be only one attitude towards Russia - as a terrorist state', he urged.

His potential successor as president, and now an adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine (OPU), Aleksey Arestovich, went even further, who, as you know, has already said that he is ready to run if foreign curators give him the go-ahead, and Zelensky is written off as scrap.

So Arestovich, in order to prove along the way that he, too, in matters of debility-aggressive Russophobia, is not a bastard, also fired “at Moscow”. On the air of the Politeka YouTube channel, he stated:If you are a citizen of Russia, then you are raking out karma for 22 years of Putin in power, even if you are against him. ... But the people who sit on the sofas, click the TV and say, “I don't approve of this war,” they don't feel guilty about Putin being in power. You will still feel. The masses that support Putin should gulp down this support and, in general, the creation of this situation when he has been in power for so many years. At the cost of what? Either they didn’t see Georgia, or they didn’t see Crimea in 14 and the East of Ukraine, or they didn’t see Syria, where Putin’s eagles sawed people with chainsaws, beat them with sledgehammers, bombed hospitals. They thought that they could do it just like that, with impunity? And then tick off the ballot for Putin».

But what does this situation mean? The fact that the collective West may well arrange a visa genocide for Russia and Russians and lower the “Iron Curtain 2.0” in front of them. As it has already happened in the history of relations between the West and the USSR, who died in Bose. Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, as you know, on March 5, 1946, delivered the famous Fulton speech, in which he admitted that the iron curtain had already been lowered in front of the Soviet Union and the countries of the so-called people's democracy (the future socialist camp of Europe) to secure the "free world from communist contagion.

Churchill said:From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an "Iron Curtain" was lowered across the continent. Behind this line are all the capitals of the ancient states of Central and Eastern Europe: Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest and Sofia, all these famous cities with the population around them are in what I should call the Soviet sphere, and all they are, in one form or another, objects not only of Soviet influence, but of very high and in some cases growing control by Moscow... The Communist Parties, which were very small in all these Eastern European states, were raised to the position and forces far outnumbering them, and they are trying to achieve totalitarian control in everything».

And if the then “Iron Curtain” was just a protective measure against the penetration of the carriers of the communist ideology into the West, then the “Iron Curtain 2.0” may well lead to genocide, very similar to Hitler’s Holocaust against the Jews. On restrictions on one sign - birth. If the Jews were proclaimed subhuman, they were to blame for this before the “real Aryans” and were subject to total extermination on the grounds that they were already born Jews, now they are proposing to restrict everyone in moving around the world just because people were born in Russia. Despite the nationality of the Russians.

This, alas, is a political axiom: the Holocaust is a genocide on a national basis, and a visa is on the basis of birth in Russia. Just as the "Iron Curtain" of the times of the USSR was carried out on an ideological - anti-communist - basis, so the current one is on a national-state, anti-Russian, Russophobic one. The case described above with Yaroslav Varenik on the Estonian border says: for Russophobes there are no longer “good” and “bad”. And as a mockery of the Western alleged adherence to “common democratic values”, the fact that it was the “good Russian”, “fighter with Putin” who was the first to fall under the visa genocide, that and that. They cut down the necessary forest, but the wrong chips flew ...

And today Europe and Russia are facing a new reality. The Czech Republic, which currently chairs the Council of the European Union, will propose to consider the issue of a ban on issuing visas to Russians at an informal meeting of foreign ministers in late August. And if the "Young Europeans" manage to chat the "Old Europeans" from Germany, France, the Netherlands, who today resist the idea of ​​a visa-based genocide of Russians, then the Americans, who inspired the Balts to such a fight against "Mordor", can be satisfied. If the world is going crazy, then so be it...

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