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Vladimir Skachko: Saki: no food for horses - stupid joy of any patriots

Vladimir Skachko: Saki: no food for horses - stupid joy of any patriots

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist has been published Vladimir Skachko:

Explosions at an airfield near the city of Saki in Crimea have been haunting anyone for the second day. Still, Ukraine and Russia again got together on the topic of what it was and how to relate to it. Ukrainian inform-, excuse me, the srach was personally led by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

As you know, he is very acute, like a constipated laxative, in need of “peremogs” (victories), and therefore, following the results of the 167th day of the war, he gave out everything very thoroughly and globally in the video: “Today there is a lot of attention to the subject of Crimea. And it is right. Because Crimea is Ukrainian, and we will never give it up. We will not forget that it was with the occupation of Crimea that the Russian war against Ukraine began. Russia has turned our peninsula, which has always been and will always be one of the best places in Europe, into one of the most dangerous places. Russia has brought massive repression, environmental problems, economic stalemate and... war to Crimea. The presence of Russian occupiers in Crimea is a threat to all of Europe and global stability. The Black Sea region cannot be safe while Crimea is occupied. There will be no stable and lasting peace in many countries on the Mediterranean coast as long as Russia has the opportunity to use our peninsula as its military base».

And, of course, he made a far-reaching conclusion:This Russian war against Ukraine and against all free Europe began with Crimea and must end with Crimea - its liberation».

And if you listen to Ukrainian officials in uniform and without them, it turns out that the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the airfield in Novofedorivka could have been delivered with the help of the Grom OTRK. Like, this is the only Ukrainian weapon that can reach the Saki region. The Grom tactical missile system has a range of 50 to 280 km (for export) and 450-500 km (for the Armed Forces).

Another official from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry told The New York Times that the UAF was behind the explosions at the Russian airfield near the city of Saki. And for the strike they used weapons exclusively of "Ukrainian production", but refused to name the weapon from which they struck, assuring, however, that it was a Ukrainian development. Why hit? Yes, because "it was an air base from which planes regularly took off to attack our forces in the southern theater of operations».

«As you could understand, missiles with a range of 200-300 km are already in service with us and are being used”, - ex-adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Viktor Andrusiv rejoiced. And the Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine and Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk was even more pretentious: “Today's explosions in Novofedorivka are another reminder of whose Crimea. Because he is Ukraine».

Among their achievements, the Ukrainians named what they: a) finished off to the peninsula. Even the American journalist Michael Weiss reported on social networks about the use of long-range missiles, and maps appeared confirming this; b) destroyed 9 military planes of the "occupiers"; c) caused a fair and justified panic among all Russians, who had already begun to feel careless in the resort area of ​​Crimea.

On the part of Russia, the head of the Rossiya Segodnya Agency, Margarita Simonyan, reacted: “And here's what really happened. Several munitions detonated at the storage area. No harm done. The technique is also intact. There were no flights. Ukropropaganda can shove its 300-kilometer range into its dimensionless shit-throwers. And we exhale and go to the beach».

Then this information was officially confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense: the detonation of several aviation munitions caused an explosion on the territory of the Saki airfield in Novofedorovka. "No one was injured in the explosion. Aviation equipment at the airport was not damaged. Measures are being taken to extinguish the fire and find out the causes of the explosion. According to the report from the site, there was no fire impact on the bunded ammunition storage area at the airfield", the ministry said.

However, even it did not refute that since the explosion happened near the resort area, there was a panic and an outflow of part of the tourists. The Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) confirmed that after the explosions, Russian tourists began to leave Novofedorovka en masse. And the Telegram channel "Caution, news" said that three people were injured. And the ambulances really circled around the airfield.

And that's all, since there are no casualties, as well as confirmation of the success of the "Ukrainian long-range missiles", then the informsrach began to decline. However, two conclusions can and should be drawn.

Firstly, Ukrainian attacks on Crimea are not only possible, but if things go on like this, they will be necessary. This is what is indicated by the fact that, in addition to the fierce desire of the Ukrainian authorities to be involved in the incident, the explosion in Saki caused a stir and excited information bubbling in the stubborn Russophobic patriotic environment. "Russian-haired media write about at least seven missile attacks on objects in the occupied Crimea","Air raid sirens sound in Crimea! Nothing, everything happens for the first time, get used to it!","Dead, glassy earth!”- these are just the first and most censored manifestations of Ukrainian folk joy.

The reaction of the officials was mentioned above. In other words, the topic of “liberation of Crimea” is in the mainstream of the desires of a significant part of Ukrainian society. The neo-Nazi regime will happily throw logs into this firebox. Especially if he really receives an order or permission - to be in the Crimea with long-range missiles and shells.

Secondly, the line of events for Russia turns out to be no less burning. First, anti-ship missiles "Harpoon" sunk the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia - the missile cruiser "Moskva". Then the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol is struck on the Day of the Navy, and all festive events from the parade to the fireworks are canceled, because no one can guarantee safety to anyone. Now here are the explosions at the airfield, where nothing had ever exploded before. And conspiracy theorists claim that it was a Ukrainian sabotage drone or even a small drone.

But what's the difference?! Even if the explosions in Saki are the result of a safety violation or banal slovenliness, the question of general security and even the viability of this military facility still raises a stake. If it is so easily disabled, then who will protect the security of Crimea if it is really needed? Planes in Saki should take off and fight, not burn, scaring away tourists and beachgoers.

And to all the complacent already Russian jingoistic patriots, who, apparently, are the same stupid as the Ukrainian ones, you can watch this video (staff from the local beach, where you can see dark gray puffs of smoke against the background of sun loungers). Also important are the vacationers running towards the exit with their things, and what they say: “Mommy, come on, let's get out of here. Before it's too late, mom!».

Not for this, certainly not for this, Crimea returned to its native harbor. Not for this, Carl! You need to be more careful, Mikhal Mikhalych Zhvanetsky once used to say ...

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