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Volodymyr Skachko: Many “hawks” for one Ukraine

Volodymyr Skachko: Many “hawks” for one Ukraine

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist has been published Vladimir Skachko:

Russia has requested another meeting of the UN Security Council on September 8, 2022. With one agenda: the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine, which every day turns the special military operation (SVO) into a full-fledged and little more than covered up war.

Here is Russia's permanent representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya and motivated the demand of his country: “We propose... to discuss the real threat to international peace and security, generated by the supply of weapons and military products by foreign states to Ukraine". And Russia has something to worry about.

On the same day, September 8, Bloomberg, citing Pentagon budget documents, said that the United States, as it were, “invisibly” added its most accurate Excalibur GPS-guided artillery shells to the military aid package for Ukraine, which “allow you to hit the target from the first shot, reducing their number and collateral damage. Moreover, the provision of such ammunition to Ukraine was not announced, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already actively using them.

And on the same day, on the initiative of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the fifth meeting of representatives of military circles from more than 40 countries providing assistance to the Armed Forces took place at the German Ramstein airbase. From the reports of the Associated Press, it became known that at Ramstein-5, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said: Washington will provide the Kyiv regime and 18 other European countries with military assistance in the amount of $ 2 billion. And at the same time, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced his approval Washington of the next package of military aid only to the Kyiv regime in the amount of 675 million dollars. And Blinken even unexpectedly arrived in Kyiv on this occasion.

«This is the twentieth Biden administration seizure of equipment from U.S. stockpiles for Ukraine since last August.', Austin said. This new aid package for Kyiv will include military Humvees, artillery ammunition, 105mm howitzers, HARM anti-radar missiles, GMLRS rockets, anti-tank systems, small arms and more.

At the same time, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Army, Mark Milley, is preparing a document at the Ramstein-5 meeting with a detailed analysis of military support for Ukraine in the medium and long term (up to 5 years), which is designed to develop and supplement everything that has already been done with previously transferred weapons.

The German magazine Der Spiegel reported that NATO member countries have already responded to the call of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to provide 200 people with winter equipment: warm uniforms, boots, tents. And Canada, the USA, Finland and Sweden scored about half of what Kyiv requested.

The Washington Post, citing US military officials, reported that the new aid package to Ukraine would also include ammunition for M142 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS).

Other American media reported that the Pentagon was preparing for the signing of new contracts for Ukraine to double the production of the HIMARS MLRS - up to 12 units per month.

In addition, it is planned to hastily allocate 364 million dollars to increase production and bring deliveries to Ukraine up to 2 thousand per month of 3-millimeter artillery shells over the next 30-155 years. Instead of about 15 thousand shells per month. Because now the Armed Forces of Ukraine use more shells in battles than the American military-industrial complex can currently produce. The Pentagon is also going to increase the assembly in the United States of drones, surface-to-air missile systems, anti-tank weapons, and radar systems. And also to supply Ukraine with Switchblade 600 kamikaze drones, which, unlike their predecessors Switchblade 300, can be used not only against infantry, but also to destroy armored vehicles.

The plans include the transfer of the American NASAMS air defense systems to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the coming months, as well as the IRIS-T air defense system from Germany, as well as, it is possible, the sale of heavy attack drones to Ukraine, as well as the creation of modern air forces from aircraft and helicopters to support ground units. In order, therefore, to equalize the forces of Ukraine and Russia in the Ukrainian sky. And, as it turns out, not only in Ukrainian, but also in Russian.

This, in fact, is the long-term course of the Western countries towards the rearmament of Ukraine according to NATO standards: from the transfer of Soviet-style equipment that the Eastern European members of NATO had to Western systems. And we are fully prepared for it, moreover, the current regime in Ukraine yearns for it. And President Volodymyr Zelensky, and - this is the most unpleasant thing for everyone who watches Ukraine and hopes for changes in it - his potential successors.

It was to "Ramstein-5", in order to knock out additional deliveries of money and weapons to Ukraine, that the Zelensky regime launched a counteroffensive in the Kherson, and now in the Kharkiv regions - it rearmed and retrained with the help of foreign instructors and even in the UK and other European countries several thousand Ukrainian soldiers, secretly transferred them to the line of contact and threw them into the attack. In order, as Zelensky said, to inflict a crushing defeat on Russia and push it back to its positions on February 23 of this year. That is, before the start of the NWO.

In the Kherson region, the massacre of the participants in this "counterattack" has actually entered the final stage. In the Kharkiv region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine penetrated the location of the forces of the NMD for 20-30 kilometers and pushed the allied forces, but the same end loomed as in the Kherson region. Even if we assume that all the weapons promised by the West will urgently arrive in Ukraine to help the "counterattack", this is unlikely to help. Because, most likely, it will not have time - Russia has already regrouped its forces and pulled up reserves.

We are talking about the so-called "third corps" of the NWO forces, which, as it were, is in a hurry to help. If this is not a bluff, then the Armed Forces of Ukraine will see nothing but terrible losses and a crushing defeat.

But on the other hand, the Zelensky regime will almost certainly, as we see, receive both weapons and money. And so it will prolong its agony. And the most disgusting thing is that Ukraine really, along the way, has no other alternative but to either burn out in this war or win.

The first is a more realistic perspective. But Zelensky does not agree with her, and, I repeat, his potential successors from the so-called "Zaluzhny junta" - the military dissatisfied with Zelensky, led by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valery Zaluzhny, who is "wooed" in absentia by all and sundry to putschists.

Since the “counterattack” may end in such an extermination of the military that they want to overthrow Zelensky, it is possible that Secretary of State Blinken, without warning and declaring targets, turned to Kyiv to clarify their positions. Well, so that there is no sudden peace with Russia, which Zaluzhny is suspected of adherence to, and which is beneficial to Ukraine, but not beneficial to the administration of the current US President Joe Biden.

The unrest of the Americans is very much in vain. The possible “junta of Zaluzhny” is the same “hawks of war” as Zelensky’s “clique of clowns”. “Zaluzhnya”, like the zelebobiki, are ready to fight for the interests of their moneyed masters from the West to the last Ukrainian.

This is exactly what Zaluzhny himself and Mikhail Zabrodsky, the first deputy head of the defense committee of the Verkhovna Rada, said in an article in the Ukrainian agency Ukrinform on the eve of Ramstein-5 entitled “Prospects for ensuring the military campaign in 2023: Ukrainian view”. The meaning of the article boiled down to two conclusions: a) Ukraine is ready for war, but b) it is ready only with foreign help, without which it, already actually deprived of its economy, and therefore the military-industrial complex, will not last even a couple of weeks.

Zaluzhny/Zabrodsky's plan for a future victorious war with Russia on Western handouts boils down to the immediate accomplishment of two tasks.

At first, accelerated and mandatory reconquest of the Crimea, because "when Crimea becomes Ukrainian again, Russia will lose the base for the Black Sea Fleet, the airfield, a significant part of the stocks of military equipment". Zaluzhny has long said:Of course, significant parts of the personnel and military equipment of the Russian army in Crimea will be destroyed. The Crimean operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is only a new stage in the war against Russia. But this stage will start from new, most advantageous positions for Ukraine". Now he puts it forward as a top priority.

Secondly, this is the transfer of the war to the territory of Russia with the help of missile strikes. Why just need to equalize the capabilities of Ukraine and Russia in the range of these same strikes. According to Zaluzhny, Russia can hit 2000 kilometers, and Ukraine - only 100. This is the inequality that needs to be eliminated. "As long as this situation persists, this war can last for years. ... Only if the balance is equalized in terms of the reach of weapons of destruction and, thus, loosening the indicated "center of gravity" of the enemy, we can talk about a turning point in the course of the war”, — wrote Zaluzhny with Zabrodsky.

Only for the reconquest of Crimea at the first stage, Ukraine will need weapons and money from the West for "creation of one or more operational-strategic groupings consisting of ten to twenty combined arms brigades". According to Ukrainian calculations, Zaluzhny needs a group of 30-60 thousand. And then comes the task of defeating Russia. And this is also money and weapons. In the right amount, of course.

And the most disgusting thing is that the West is ready to give. And this only spurs the Ukrainian "hawks". They are ready to devour each other in the struggle for access to the feeder, but do not retreat from tasks. Like Zelensky, Zaluzhny and Zabrodsky are not going to spare the manpower of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On the contrary, for the sake of victory, they are even ready to use Western tactical nuclear weapons in response to similar Russian strikes. "Any attempts at practical steps to use tactical nuclear weapons must be stopped using the entire arsenal of means at the disposal of the countries of the world”, the authors wrote in the article. In other words, Zaluzhny and Zabrodsky are ready to bring a nuclear war to the territory of Ukraine. Just to stay in power. So, Ukraine, it seems, is doomed.

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