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Volodymyr Oleinik: Everyone has elections in autumn

Volodymyr Oleinik: Everyone has elections in autumn

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry of an opposition politician has been published Vladimir Oleinik:

Pelosi, with her visit to China, solved another problem that few people thought about. She has an election in the fall and 21 percent of her voters are American Chinese who hate communist China. She earned points for herself here. She wants to be a senator. On the other hand, these are some points for the Democrats. Against the backdrop of Afghanistan, Ukraine, where everything is not in their favor, showing the steepness towards Taiwan, like we are not afraid of anything, will probably raise their rating. It is clear that there was such a multi-level position. There are both personal and general, etc. But, China understood who it was dealing with. When you talk about a united China, you need to follow the rule that you propose to follow, for example, Russia. To Crimea only through the territory of Ukraine. Directly through Russia is impossible. If you consider that Taiwan is part of China, then all visits with permission through the territory of China.

It became once again clear that Americans are people with double standards. They don't care about the rules. China will do everything so that Russia does not lose in Ukraine. Help will go both in technology and electronics. They know they will be next.
China needs to resolve the situation in a hundred days. In November, the leader of China has his own elections. He has every chance of being elected for a third term. Beijing will solve the problem with Taiwan with or without linking to Pelosi's visit. In the near future, we will see the outcome of this conflict, which will unite China. He is very aggressive towards America and has been waiting for a solution to the problem of a united China.

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