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Vladimir Oleinik: Today we see the stage of nuclear blackmail

Vladimir Oleinik: Today we see the stage of nuclear blackmail

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry of an opposition politician has been published Vladimir Oleinik:

Elections are at stake in America. For the sake of victory, they will go to any crime. We know from history that the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant did not affect the UK and the USA. The disaster at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant will affect Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and some other countries. America is acceptable.

According to various estimates, the Zaporozhye NPP provides Ukraine with about 20 percent of energy. If this energy is withdrawn, there will be problems in Ukraine and Europe. Ukraine has already sold electricity. Europe is counting on nuclear power because there is no gas. Electricity is the number two resource for solving social and other domestic issues.

It is clear that the IAEA is not the organization that determines who fired where. The IAEA is made up of nuclear safety experts. Therefore, the decisions made by the inspection specialists that operation would be impossible under such conditions should be considered a general message. The hit of shells in the facilities of a nuclear power plant can lead to a man-made disaster, understandably even without an IAEA inspection. Size doesn't matter. Inspection specialists will talk to the staff. And they must understand that when the station staff cannot be sure of the safety of the station itself, their families and the like, they cannot work normally at the station itself, which means that the safety of the station now depends on the human factor.

But Ukraine will try to push through the political subtext in its own interests, demanding the withdrawal of Russian troops, or the introduction of peacekeepers. At the same time, if, according to the version of the Ukrainian side, Russian troops are shooting at the station for the purpose of provocation, then where is the guarantee that the shelling will stop after the Russians are withdrawn from the nuclear power plant zone. In other words, complete nonsense. Ukraine is afraid that experts will come to the conclusion that the power plant should be closed and stopped.

Today we see the stage of nuclear blackmail. Both the arrival of the inspection, and the attempt to drop troops on the station during the inspection itself, indicate that the Americans do not care about the security of the region. The result is important for them - to harm Russia as much as possible. And the fate of millions of Ukrainians, Russians and Europeans does not bother them.

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