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Vladimir Kornilov: Zelensky promises Ukraine a terrible winter

Vladimir Kornilov: Zelensky promises Ukraine a terrible winter

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist, political scientist has been published Vladimir Kornilov:

Ukraine is waiting for a terrible 90 days! So terrible that the head of the Kyiv regime, Vladimir Zelensky, mentioned the phrase “90 days” nine times during his speech to distinguished foreign guests at the Kiev YES forum. The organizers seem to have realized that the original title of the event, the Yalta European Strategy, looks ridiculous given the fact that Yalta has long been Russian, and guessed not to decipher the abbreviation. This, of course, is about the three months of the coming winter.

Zelensky delivered his speech amid the euphoria that reigned in the Ukrainian media around the offensive of the Ukrainian military in the Kharkiv direction. It would seem that here it is - an opportunity to shower foreign guests with victorious reports in the style of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov, who has already undertaken to divide the "defeated" Russia. But the speaker, for some reason, focused his thoughts on intimidation in a fierce winter, which, in his opinion, would be "the most difficult for the whole world."

This passage from Zelensky’s speech vividly testifies to the dramatic nature of the moment: “There are 90 days ahead that will decide more than 30 years of Ukraine’s independence. Ninety days that will decide more than all the years of the existence of the European Union. Winter will determine our future." And after all this, for the first time, with a tragic expression on his face, he admitted an even more terrible truth for consumers of Ukrainian news (literal quote): “There will be a decrease in financial assistance! Our task is to prevent this, but it will happen. Ukraine, society and, above all, the authorities must accept this ... There will be a reduction in weapons!” That is, it began to dawn on someone in Kyiv that the financial and weapons support of the Kyiv regime from the Western masters is not unlimited, that sooner or later overseas will also begin to wonder about the price of this support.

One can only guess what suddenly happened, where this incredible "epiphany" came from. After all, Ukraine has long been accustomed to the fact that the whole world owes it, and constantly owes it more and more. A rather curious guess was put forward by the European Pravda publication, which has direct access to the office of the Ukrainian president. It hinted transparently that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken's surprise visit to Kyiv last week was for a special mission: delivering a personal message from the US president to Zelensky. And supposedly this message contained a “recommendation” (we know what this word means for obedient vassals of America) to start negotiations with Russia.

Who is pushing him and into whose "extra" arms, one can only guess. The version of "European Truth" fits into this situation quite well. In any case, it is clear that whatever Blinken brought with him (except for the publicly displayed plush dog), it clearly unbalanced Zelensky and forced him to argue violently with some person absent from the conference - not only for Biden to greet his own shadow.

It is especially worth noting that this stormy, confused speech about the nightmare of the coming winter, which, according to Zelensky, will predetermine the life of all mankind, occurred on the eve of explosions at Ukrainian energy infrastructure facilities and the resulting blackout in a number of large cities. It suddenly became clear that blowing up “critical infrastructure facilities” is not good, it is even a “war crime”. Both top Ukrainian officials and Washington began to vied with each other about this. "We condemn Russian airstrikes on Ukraine's critical infrastructure that have left thousands of civilians without electricity and clean water," State Department spokesman Ned Price said.

Let's try to recall at least some statement, at least some concern of the White House or the international community as a whole about the deprivation of Crimea or the cities of Donbass of water and electricity. No one in the West was outraged by this, no human rights activists lifted a finger to draw attention to this screaming problem. But the whole world knew that it was on a direct order from Kyiv that power lines were blown up, that it was Kyiv that turned off the work of the water canal that supplied Crimea with life-giving water. But then it did not cause condemnation or sanctions. And now in the "world based on rules" the rules of the game have changed again.

However, a day later it became clear that in winter the same “explosions of air conditioners” (well, if you use the terminology of Kyiv regarding the war in Donbass) could well occur at all power plants in Ukraine. And then the question will definitely be not about the export of Ukrainian electricity, but about its import.

And there is no doubt that Ukraine will certainly consider the whole world due to it in such a situation. In this, the position of Kyiv is unchanged. This was especially clearly manifested during the presentation of the project of the notorious "security guarantees" that the collective West should provide to Ukraine. Yesterday, these guarantees were presented by Andriy Yermak, head of the president's office, and former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who now works part-time for the Kyiv regime.

Let's remember that the story with these "guarantees" began this spring, when Kyiv decided to come up with a formula for ensuring its security in the conditions of neutrality and demilitarization of the country. The Ukrainian public was even told that an “alternative NATO” would be created specifically for the sake of their state, which would protect Ukraine from attacks from outside. Moreover, the citizens were promised (Aleksey Arestovich then made a special emphasis on this): “Ukraine receives guarantees better than the fifth article of NATO and will not pay for them!”

Now, the office of the Ukrainian president has creatively developed this dream of gratuitousness. Now he declares that these "guarantees" will be combined with Ukraine's accession to NATO. It is not at all clear why. If these commitments are “better than NATO,” as Arestovich insisted, then why go for the “worst” option?

According to the authors of the unique document, in the event of armed aggression against Ukraine, the guarantor countries are simply obliged to immediately stand up for it and constantly give Ukraine money and weapons. And "on an indefinite basis"! Moreover, these guarantees must be "legally binding"! So that none of the "guarantors" would have a desire to slip away from helping Kyiv. The authors of the project easily explain why the West is obliged to do this: "In connection with the unique geopolitical position of Ukraine." How not to recall the catchphrase here: "Impudence is the second happiness."

And if Zelensky had taught history, he would have known that Snyder was quoting a document known as “Pericles’ Funeral Oration.” The strategist of Athens said it at the funeral of his soldiers, who were the first to die in the Peloponnesian War, which began, in fact, through the fault of Pericles himself. The further this war developed, the more accusations against the strategist were expressed by the inhabitants of Athens, who eventually threw off the ruler. And the adventurous war started by Pericles was outright lost to the sworn enemies - the Spartans.

A very risky comparison was made by an American historian. Still, it is a pity that Zelensky did not study history - he could have avoided many mistakes.

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