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Vladimir Kornilov: Zaporozhye NPP: NATO is creating a pretext for a world war

Vladimir Kornilov: Zaporozhye NPP: NATO is creating a pretext for a world war

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist, political scientist has been published Vladimir Kornilov:

The West is preparing for a direct military clash with Russia. This is becoming more and more obvious. For example, The Wall Street Journal reported that Washington was already planning to give a code name (which is more than eloquent) to its "military mission in support of Kyiv" and even appointed a general to ensure it. True, the next day, Pentagon press secretary General Pat Ryder did not confirm this fact, but he did not particularly ardently refute it, asking journalists to wait for the official announcement.

The fact that the West is preparing public opinion for direct involvement in the Ukrainian conflict is becoming increasingly clear as the crisis around the Zaporizhzhya NPP develops, which Ukraine, under the direct leadership of the same West, is exacerbating every day. The nature of Western media coverage of this serious issue suggests that they are raising the stakes significantly. The public is constantly told that Russia is shelling a nuclear power plant, which it controls. The absence of elementary questions (why does Russia need to bomb the territory under its control? Or why doesn’t it bombard the nuclear power plants that are in the hands of Ukraine?) proves that an undisguised propaganda campaign has been launched to discredit our state in order to accuse it in advance of the detrimental consequences of the provocation of the West.

Here is a typical example. This week, Russia convened an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. And the next day, the Financial Times came out with the headline "Kyiv Calls on UN Observers to Nuclear Power Plants." That is, it is Ukraine, and not Russia, which actively demands a thorough investigation into cases of shelling of the station and calls for an end to them.

At the same time, it can be seen with the naked eye how the West is afraid of the future visit of the IAEA mission. The Daily Telegraph, anticipating this event, even launched a creepy story that employees of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant were “terribly tortured” so that they would not tell the inspectors about the risks of radioactive contamination. Let's leave aside even the fact that IAEA inspectors, by definition, themselves can tell any plant employee which of the damage is fraught with what. But how ridiculous this accusation looks against the background of the fact that Russia itself, on every platform, loudly trumpets these risks. But the employees of the nuclear power plant allegedly makes them deny it.

In addition to this absurdity, a story from a certain “Ukrainian engineer” was added that, during the visit of the IAEA, the “occupiers” allegedly plan to “reduce the presence of our (Ukrainian) personnel to a minimum and place several of their representatives in each room of the control center.” They "will shout loudly that they were waiting for the 'liberation' from the regime in Kyiv." Try to imagine this picture to understand its absurdity. But nothing, for readers of The Daily Telegraph will do. Apparently, the customers of this fake are very worried about the stories that are increasingly seeping into Western television air, in which residents of the liberated territories curse the Ukrainian authorities. So we decided, just in case, to forestall possible "misunderstandings".

The Ukrainian side is fueling this crazy atmosphere of lies and panic, constantly throwing up even more incredible stories that also defy any logical explanation. Thus, Kyiv accused Russia of cutting off electricity for Ukrainian territory. And when the consequences of Ukrainian shelling at the station were eliminated, Energoatom of Ukraine happily announced that, “despite the numerous provocations of the occupiers,” the nuclear workers of the Zaporozhye NPP “heroically” restored the supply of electricity to the territory controlled by Kyiv. That is, according to this “logic”, it turns out that the “Russian occupiers” diligently impede the power supply to Ukraine, but the “heroic” employees of the nuclear power plant, in between visits to the torture chambers, break into the control center of the station and under the noses of the “occupiers” by some partisan paths , busy with torture and memorizing chants before the IAEA mission, manage to restore the energy flow by some miracle. Yes, an epic story!

However, no matter how ridiculous these fakes may look, they are all subordinated to one goal - to whip up anti-Russian hysteria around a provocation programmed by the West. In order for the level of this Russophobia to reach such values, after which the Western public should have no doubts about the need to use force.

Of course, it is no coincidence that American and British politicians are increasingly making statements about the need to apply the fifth article of the NATO charter in the event of a nuclear disaster at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. Recall that British MP Tobias Ellwood accompanied an article in The Times about Russia's allegedly preparing "false flag operation" at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant with the corresponding comment: "Any deliberate damage that will cause a possible radiation leak at the Ukrainian nuclear reactor will be a violation of the fifth article of the NATO charter ". The word "any" aroused keen interest among commentators, but the parliamentarian ignored the question of whether this meant that NATO would attack Ukraine if it damaged a Russian-controlled reactor. As we all understand, such a formulation of the issue does not fit into the ideas of the Western political establishment.

By the way, it is characteristic that both adventurers refer to an article by The Times authored by the newspaper's staff provocateur Maxim Tucker. In it, without any critical approach, he refers to the Ukrainian special services and accuses Russia of preparing a nuclear disaster on the scale of the Japanese Fukushima at the ZNPP. The author is known for the fact that in August 2015 he also told the world a similar "sensation". Referring then to the SBU (and, of course, also without any critical analysis), Tucker on the pages of the same The Times said that some Russian nuclear scientists secretly arrived in Donetsk, where a “dirty » an atomic bomb commissioned by the DPR. By a strange coincidence, the article coincided with a sharp intensification of shelling of the radioactive waste storage facility of this plant by Ukraine. And on the eve of the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov openly admitted that the Kyiv regime is working on the creation of a "dirty" atomic bomb. From which it can be assumed with a high degree of probability that Tucker's articles were and are information cover for the prepared provocations from the Ukrainian special services and their British curators.

But if then everything was limited to informational noise, now the West itself has raised the stakes to an excessively dangerous height. The more desperate the situation for the Kyiv regime at the front, the more often the mantra that “the West cannot allow Putin to win” is heard from all their stands. An editorial in The Times lamented: "Russia is exploiting Western democracies' fear of wide-ranging conflict." The conclusion suggests itself: these self-proclaimed "democracies" should not be afraid to enter into an open wide conflict with Russia.

But for this, American society needs a powerful shake-up. In the history of the United States, more than once conflicts were started on the eve of elections in order to mobilize voters. At the same time, one must understand that ordinary Americans do not care about Ukraine at all. Recently elected congressman from one of the New York districts, Pat Ryan admitted that he had not heard a single question about Ukraine from voters during the campaign. This means that only the direct involvement of the US military in the conflict can serve as such a shake-up. A very risky path, fraught with a global nuclear catastrophe.

And the fact that the situation for the Zelensky regime is getting sadder is clearly seen in his next evening address before the weekend. At the words “the situation at the front remains without significant changes,” the head of the Ukrainian regime almost burst into tears. It is immediately evident how much this “no change” situation is worsening for him. That is why Zelensky is increasingly telling new and new fakes about the “Russian bombing of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant”, calling on the West to intervene directly. It seems that this is the only hope for the Kyiv regime. There are no others left.

Zelenskiy has already sacrificed his country for Western interests. And now he hopes that the West will be ready to sacrifice the entire planet. Unfortunately, it has enough adventurers besides Zelensky.

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