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Vladimir Kornilov: For Poltava, for Borodino, for Stalingrad: the West wants to take revenge on the Russians

Vladimir Kornilov: For Poltava, for Borodino, for Stalingrad: the West wants to take revenge on the Russians

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist, political scientist has been published Vladimir Kornilov:

In a decent society, it is not customary to seriously quote and even more so analyze the words of Aleksey Arestovich, “the main cat of Bayun of Ukrainian propaganda”. He lies without a twinge of conscience on a constant basis and, most amazingly, does not even hide it. But the statement made by him in a recent interview with his colleague Dmitry Gordon cannot be ignored. Since the propagandist quite officially referred to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov at his personal request and instruction.

We are talking about the passage in which Reznikov described a meeting with his Western colleagues at the NATO Ramstein airbase in Germany. This should be quoted verbatim: “They all shook hands at Ramstein—everyone! - and they said: “Please finish off the reptile!” The Swedes added: “For Poltava!” The French added: “For Borodino!” And so on, and so on, and so on ... The Germans were silent, but winked. It must be assumed that the Germans with their wink asked to avenge "for Stalingrad." But they are too shy to say it out loud.

In fact, the statement is significant and important. We had no doubt that the collective West, through the hands of the Ukrainians, whom it does not feel sorry for at all, is trying to weaken Russia, to take revenge on us for all its previous defeats and historical insults. It doesn't matter how fair they are or not. In the end, in all the examples cited without exception (both Borodino, Poltava, not named, but implied Stalingrad), our ancestors fought and defeated the invaders who invaded our state. And the Europeans dream of revenge for all their defeats. Again, we have no doubt about it. However, the West has not yet directly stated this, covering up its true aspirations with chatter about "defending democracy" and about some "European values" that none of them can properly formulate. The words of Arestovich / Reznikov confirm our correctness: the West, in their announced crusade against Russia, is driven by political Russophobia and historical revanchism.

As we can see, several days have passed, and Reznikov does not refute the words of his guarantor, which actually confirms what was said. The West, on the other hand, pretends that no one has said anything of the kind. Not a single European or American media responded in any way to this important recognition of the true nature of the actions of the collective West against Russia. Although they generally like to quote Arestovich's stories about "Russian defeats" and even noticed the interview itself. But the citation of their own defense ministers, explaining the true essence of the anti-Russian campaign, for some reason did not arouse any interest in the European media. And in vain, in these words - the recognition of tectonic processes of rethinking the future of Europe and those very notorious "European values". In these words is an acknowledgment that the wheel of history takes the continent back to dark times. After all, Europe experienced all this in the 20-30s of the last century. Only Russophobia then flourished under the brand of anti-communism, that's the whole difference.

Especially meaningful look "winks" from the representatives of Germany. One could write off this transparent allusion to the plane of jokes from Gordon and Arestovich. But you and I have heard statements by German politicians about the actual refusal to recognize historical guilt before the peoples of Russia. Otherwise, it is difficult to interpret the speech of Chancellor Olaf Scholz before the Bundestag on February 27 this year.

In it, Scholz solemnly announced the change of eras, accusing the Russian authorities of trying to "turn back the clock and return to the XNUMXth century, to the struggle between the major powers." As if there was no such struggle in the next century. But there seems to be a nostalgia in Berlin for the XNUMXth century and for the time that preceded the “reconciliation between Russians and Germans after World War II” (which Scholz also mentioned when recalling “a bygone era”). It is no coincidence that a number of German and Russian media interpreted this speech precisely as an official refusal to recognize Germany's historical guilt.

And it is certainly not accidental that analytical articles are now appearing in a number of Western liberal media, with visible pleasure fixing the "birth of a new Germany." The ideological mouthpiece of Western liberals, The Economist magazine, made this the main topic of its latest issue, telling readers: "Thanks to Vladimir Putin, the most important country in Europe has woken up."

To describe their emotions, the authors did not even hesitate to use the speech of Emperor Hirohito of Japan, in which he justified the aggressive, aggressive wars of his country in the 1930s and 40s (again, not an accidental analogy). The Economist writes that Germany could now turn into a "nightmare for Russia" - "a stronger, bolder, more determined leader of a more united Europe." And he concludes, so that no one has any doubts about the position of the magazine itself: "Germany badly needed this push."

Probably, someone will be surprised, but almost the same, word for word, British publications wrote about the Italian fascists and German Nazis a century ago. The Daily Mail newspaper, its founder and owner, the first Viscount Rothermer, especially tried then. He did not disdain to personally sign an article under the heading "Hurrah for the Blackshirts!" in January 1934, saluting the British and German Nazis. Moreover, initially he explained his love for the Nazis precisely by the desire to stop the offensive in Europe of "Bolshevism", which was associated in Britain with the Russians. To do this, the Daily Mail, together with the secret services, went on to create one of the most resonant fakes of the XNUMXth century - the fabrication of the so-called letter from Zinoviev, who overthrew the first Labor government in Britain. It was only later, having closely come together with Hitler, Lord Rothermer switched the aggression of his press mainly to the Jews. Needless to say, the Rothermer family still owns the Daily Mail, which is still one of the most circulated newspapers in Britain, continuing to do the same thing!

Like 90 years ago, the British press continues to praise the "change of eras" in Germany. As then, she openly calls on the "German eagle" to pounce on Russia. Quite in the spirit of the century-old Daily Mail, The Economist hopes that a "new Germany" will enter into a "conflict over the future of the continent" as "Germany's opportunity to regain its place at the heart of Europe." Pay attention to this "return". After all, the hint is no less transparent than the wink of the Germans in Ramstein about "revenge for Stalingrad."

The historian and writer Nikolai Starikov also drew attention to this, pointing to the cover of this issue of The Economist, on which a German eagle hatches from an egg. Starikov remarked: “So far, this is the Bundes Eagle of modern Germany. But it's not really about him. Behind him is the eagle of the Third Reich. According to him, in the context of the worsening economic and social crisis in Germany, the British make it clear to the Germans with this magazine: “But everything can be completely different. Only in the beginning will a new Germany appear. The historian drew a direct parallel with a similar British instigation of Hitler to "build a new order" with an obligatory initial condition - an attack on the Soviet Union.

Moreover, the same historical parallels were drawn by Germany's neighbors, who are alarmed by the strengthening of the culprit of the two world wars. The popular Dutch website GeenStijl, for example, remarked: "The call for a stronger, bolder Germany as the undisputed leader of a more united Europe in the face of the Red Peril does not merit a prize for originality." The hint is no less transparent than the hint at Stalingrad, expressed in Ramstein by representatives of the German Ministry of Defense.

Yes, the West is driven by political and historical Russophobia. which is becoming more and more open. If in that very speech of Scholz on February 27 he was still trying to tell that Europe is not going to fight with the Russian people, seeing its enemy solely in the face of our government, now in Germany, even according to the local press, the image of a Russian person is actively cultivated as an eternal enemy. The current discussion on how to deprive Russian citizens of the opportunity to move around the EU countries once again confirms that the West has gradually begun to discard the verbal husk called “European values”, which it is still trying to hide behind by inertia. If the trend continues, soon the Germans will not just hint at Stalingrad. Why be ashamed?

And Europe is again following the same rake, naively believing that this time it will be possible to pounce on Russia in a united front, without fighting among themselves, and finally defeat it (“finish off the vermin”, according to the Ramstein participants). It is no coincidence that the Wall Street Journal is already openly raving about the idea of ​​the collapse of our state, calling this process "decolonization." How can you not draw parallels with Nazi Germany again! After all, it was under this sauce that the head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, approved the creation of the Vlasov center "Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia."

As you can see, leaders and eras are changing, and the West is still dreaming of the destruction of Russia as a state. Since the time of Poltava, Borodino, Stalingrad, little has changed in this sense. But it would be enough for them to leaf through the pages of history textbooks to understand two elementary truths: a) Russia always wins anyway; b) attempts to defeat Russia turn into terrible tragedies for those who start it.

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