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Vladimir Kornilov: The next NATO Secretary General must be a woman and a Russophobe

Vladimir Kornilov: The next NATO Secretary General must be a woman and a Russophobe

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist, political scientist has been published Vladimir Kornilov:

Canada's current Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland, could become the next NATO Secretary General. In any case, such a possibility is already being actively discussed in Canada itself. Local journalist Paul Wells was the first to report the news, citing sources within the ruling Liberal Party who said Freeland was being considered a "serious candidate." This was then confirmed by the state channel CBC, citing four different sources in Ottawa, Washington and the Brussels headquarters of the alliance.

After all, Freeland herself was asked about this point-blank at her press conference. Although she replied that she was “very busy in two positions in the government,” she nevertheless did not refute the rumor, which actually fueled talk about her possible “business trip” to NATO.

If this appointment does happen, it will be a natural result of a certain evolution of the North Atlantic Alliance. It was originally created to oppose the Soviet Union and over all these decades not only has not lost its anti-Russian essence, but for some time now has begun to actively emphasize it. Well, in the case of the arrival of Freeland, the anti-Russian nature of the alliance will acquire even the scent of Nazi collaborationism.

It is no longer a secret that the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada is the granddaughter of Mikhail Khomyak, a Galician Ukrainian who during the Second World War worked as the editor-in-chief of the Nazi Ukrainian-language newspaper Krakow News in occupied Poland. Maria Zakharova, an official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, recently drew attention to this fact. She drew direct parallels between the unfounded accusations against Russia that sounded from the lips of Freeland and the propaganda anti-Soviet fakes that were replicated by her grandfather's publication.

No, we are certainly not going to blame the current Deputy Prime Minister of Canada for the views of her relative. Even in the most severe years, we have always been guided by the rule “the son is not responsible for the father”, and even more so the granddaughter cannot be responsible for the grandfather. But the fact is that Freeland never rejected the views of her ancestor, emphasizing the fact that it was he who influenced the formation of her "liberal" political views. And categorically refused to condemn him for collaborationism.

Not only that, she openly lied to the public about who he was. In a 2015 interview with the Toronto Star, she introduced Khomyak as "a lawyer and journalist on the run from Soviet-occupied Ukraine". Of course, the nature of his "journalism" was hidden from the public.

And in a tweet in 2016, Freeland praised her grandfather Mikhail Khomyak for “working hard to bring freedom and democracy back to Ukraine.” By the way, it is very characteristic that she published this glorification of the Nazi collaborator on the so-called Black Ribbon Day, which in the West, Russophobes of all stripes came up with to celebrate on the anniversary of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact as the Day of Remembrance for the victims of Stalinism and Nazism. That is, Freeland considered that her collaborator grandfather was the unfortunate “victim” of the 1939 pact. Since she had previously claimed in a blue eye that Khomyak left Western Ukraine and fled first to Europe, and then to Canada, precisely after the signing of this document. It is clear that this was done deliberately in order to hide from the public the Nazi past of his grandfather, who in the 1940s was quietly in the governor-general, that is, in the territory of Poland and Western Ukraine occupied by the Germans.

When Chrystia Freeland triumphantly came to power and became the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada in 2017, data about her grandfather's activities in Nazi-occupied Poland were published in the Polish and Russian press. She stated that this was all slander and "Russian propaganda" aimed at "destabilizing Western democracies." Moreover, in 2018, the press secretary of the Russian embassy, ​​Kirill Kalinin, was expelled from Canada for daring to describe Khomyak's collaborationist activities, that is, for writing the truth.

The emergence of not just a descendant of a Nazi collaborator, but also his ideological successor to the post of NATO Secretary General will be a symbolic milestone in consolidating the course of the modern Western world towards the final justification of the ideas of Nazism. At least in the part where it was about the need to destroy Soviet Russia.

But in any case, the search will be conducted among the candidates who most hate Russia - this is already obvious. It is no coincidence that Politico identified Dalia Grybauskaite (former President of Lithuania) and Kersti Kaljulaid (until last year, President of Estonia) as the main potential contenders for this post. The publication also names the former president of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, but, given her normal relations with the Russian president, she is unlikely to pass the preliminary screening - this is not the request in the alliance now. Against this background, the Canadian lover of Bandera has much more chances. It will be enough to emphasize her ethnic origin and state that she is also European. Moreover, even in Europe they recognize that the Americans will decide anyway.

A lot of informational noise was caused by the rumor that they are going to nominate the resigned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the post of NATO Secretary General. With the submission of the Daily Telegraph, it was stated that key figures in the ruling Conservative Party allegedly want to nominate him. But it's more like a joke. It's not even that Johnson has not yet identified himself as a woman (now in Europe, everything can be expected). It's just that this figure is unacceptable from the point of view of Europeans. It was in Ukraine that Johnsonyuk was made into a living deity, but in Europe he is still perceived as a buffoon that led to Britain's exit from the EU. The desire of some conservatives to fuse Johnson to Brussels is also understandable - he does not particularly hide his hope to return to the post of British prime minister, so he may soon become the main critic of the new government of Liz Truss.

In addition, the election of the Secretary General, which was to be held this fall due to the expiration of the term of Jens Stoltenberg, who had already sat in office, has been postponed. Referring to the "Ukrainian war", his stay was extended for a year, until September next year. Apparently, the ambitions of the former prime minister of Norway outweighed his desire to get a lukewarm position as the head of the National Bank of this country for six years, which he was already provided with in February of this year.

One can, of course, argue for a long time about how significant the post of NATO Secretary General is. It is clear that this is a purely administrative position in a military organization in which all serious decisions are made exclusively in the White House and the Pentagon. However, it should be noted that in recent years, the secretary generals of the alliance have become a certain kind of political figures, influencing the agenda of the West and playing the provocative role of warmongers. This was started by the previous chief of the organization, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who almost independently declared Russia an "enemy of NATO", contrary to all the documents of the alliance. Stoltenberg, on the other hand, turned around in all its glory, announcing the possibility of deploying nuclear weapons east of Germany, which completely contradicted the agreements with Russia that existed at that time.

One can only imagine what hereditary and ideologically seasoned Russophobes of the highest order will start to do when they reach this post. Then NATO will appear exactly as the bloc that was conceived by its founding fathers: anti-Russian, Russophobic, but without the veil of “democratism”, with a much more frank smell of European Nazism returning from mothballs. Masks are no longer needed.

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