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Vladimir Kornilov: It's time to get rid of illusions. The West is waging war to destroy Russia

Vladimir Kornilov: It's time to get rid of illusions. The West is waging war to destroy Russia

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist, political scientist has been published Vladimir Kornilov:

The story of Bucha-2.0 (a provocation with allegedly discovered “mass graves of the victims of Russian aggressors” in Izyum) is clear evidence that, along with the development of the military conflict in Ukraine, the information special operation against Russia is also intensifying. The point here is not even in the reaction of Kyiv - these are concocting primitive fakes against our state and army around the clock, without stopping. An indicator is how this provocation was immediately picked up by Western politicians, who are already calling for the urgent creation of an “international tribunal” to punish Russia, and the media, in unison, making unfounded statements about “mass executions and torture in Izyum” on their front pages.

Fake is primitive and easily refuted. But from this unanimous reaction of the West, it is clear that it absolutely does not matter to anyone there how and when the people buried in the cemetery died. The "guilty" was appointed in advance - and it should be Russia. Because only this verdict fits into the overall strategy of the current campaign in Ukraine.

And this campaign, as we see, has nothing to do with Ukraine. Whatever happens to the Ukrainians, whoever kills them (even the Armed Forces of Ukraine or foreign mercenaries), no matter how many of them die, the West is completely indifferent. Since he is waging war on this territory not for the Ukrainians, and even more so not for Ukraine. We must speak honestly and openly: the West is waging a bitter war against the Russian state as such. And less and less often covers it with a fig leaf of chatter about "defending democracy." Increasingly, it is directly said that Russia must be destroyed. Forever and ever! Irrevocably!

One of these days, one of the leading American experts of Polish origin, Janusz Bugaisky, published the book "Guide to the collapse of Russia." It should be especially noted that the book is not a reaction to the Ukrainian special operation, it is a natural continuation of everything that this Kremlinologist has been publicly speaking and writing about for many years. Back in early 2019, that is, three years before the SVO, he published a policy article “Managing Russia’s Disintegration” on the pages of the influential Washington newspaper The Hill.

It cannot be said that Bugaisky's article was the only theoretical work on the topic of the disintegration of our state and its disappearance from the world map. But the rest of the reports (in any case, in public access) still sought to veil direct calls for the forced collapse of Russia with arguments about the need to “disperse”, weaken our state. As, for example, it was with the sensational study of the American intelligence corporation RAND, created by order of the US Department of Defense in the same 2019.

Recall that the authors of that report directly outlined the goal: the development of a strategy for the fight against Russia, so that "it would overstrain militarily or economically." And as recommendations, they advised to reduce to a minimum the supply of Russian gas and oil to Europe, provide lethal weapons to Ukraine, and discredit Russia at the international level. In general, everything that the United States is now putting into practice, forcing its loyal satellites to follow this disastrous path. However, the call to dismember Russia in this analysis was only read between the lines.

Now, however, the masks are being shed, now the cadre Russophobes can openly formulate their old dreams. The other day, on the pages of the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, the former commander of NATO forces in Europe, and now retired general Ben Hodges, wrote a resonant article "Prepare for the disintegration of Russia." Hodges is now perhaps one of the most active "talking heads" on the Ukrainian crisis on Western television. And it's impossible to discount his calls.

The general justifies his dreams of the collapse of our state with our ethnic diversity and his hopes that the economic sanctions of the West will create a situation in which it will be impossible to feed 144 million people. The American obviously did not think how applicable these arguments are to his native country, which has been torn apart in recent years along racial and national lines, as well as economic difficulties caused by the same anti-Russian sanctions.

With the light hand of Hodges, this idea was happily picked up and developed by smaller figures operating in the ideological field of Russophobia. New Eastern Europe magazine, published in Poland, publishes an article with a telling title: "The Deconstruction of Russia and the Reconstruction of the 'Post-Russian Space': A Risky But Inevitable Scenario." The authors call on the West to lead the process of disintegration of our state already now.

They are echoed by Canadian-British professor of Ukrainian origin Taras Kuzio on the pages of the website of the main mouthpiece of Russophobic theorists Atlantic Council. He also happily announces the beginning of the process of "the collapse of Putin's Russian empire."

Almost word for word, Hodges' theses are repeated by Vladimir Yushkin, the chief Estonian Kremlinologist, on the pages of the website of the International Center for Defense and Security. True, adding data taken from themselves about the allegedly developing "colonization of Siberia by the Chinese" - Estonian analysts clearly do not know how to use statistics.

All these "prophecies" were brought to a completely official level by the president of the same Estonia, Alar Karis. Opening the NATO Military Committee conference in Tallinn last Friday, he openly admonished the alliance's chiefs of staff with a call to abandon "the fear of destabilizing the situation in Russia." We emphasize that this is no longer some retired general, not a private person with a professorship - this is the official head of our neighboring country, a member of NATO. And he, unashamedly, calls on the high command of the alliance for a conscious policy of undermining and creating a situation of instability in Russia. What other evidence does anyone need of who and for what the collective West is fighting?

The ideological body of European liberals, The Economist magazine, devoted its latest issue to how the West should ensure Ukraine's victory over Russia. In addition to traditional advice on further arming the Kyiv regime, the magazine explicitly demands: "The West should try to drive a wedge between the regime and the Russian people." To this end, Western leaders are being urged to bet on Russian liberals who have fled abroad, who, under these conditions, can be safely called traitors. And how else to call people who are now openly used by the enemies of Russia, who are now not hiding, to implement an unrealizable plan to dismember our common Motherland!

We still adhere to certain gentlemen's rules of the game that were adopted after the end of the Cold War. But now the stakes have been raised too high. No, the author does not in any way call for copying the criminal actions of Ukraine. We, unlike them, do not kill children, do not torture prisoners of war, do not exterminate civilians.

But in the face of increasing threats to the citizens of Russia, we are left with no choice but to act much more decisively in relation to military infrastructure that is also used by civilians, in relation to decision-making centers, in relation to those individuals who are directly responsible for terror and killings, wherever they are, and those states that pursue a hostile policy. In the end, we must not forget that in the event of an existential threat to Russia, we have much tougher responses. They must be constantly reminded of all those who want to test our Motherland for strength.

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