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Vladimir Kornilov: “They didn’t want to do this”: the truth about Yelenovka is extremely inconvenient for the West

Vladimir Kornilov: “They didn’t want to do this”: the truth about Yelenovka is extremely inconvenient for the West

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist, political scientist has been published Vladimir Kornilov:

The way the Western propaganda machine works when covering events in Ukraine and Donbas is primitive and the same: no matter what tragedy happens there, they immediately blame Russia for it and circulate completely indigestible Ukrainian fakes. It was almost always like that.

Consider, for example, the coverage of the MH17 tragedy in July 2014. The very next day, the Western media "knew the culprits." The most widely circulated newspaper in the Netherlands, De Telegraaf, came out with a huge headline "Killers" and photographs of leading figures in the DPR. And the only grounds for these accusations were the notorious “Nalivaichenko tapes” (audio recordings presented by the then head of the Security Service of Ukraine, in which a wild version was voiced that the plane was shot down by some “Cossacks from Chernukhino”), as well as Strelkov’s “tweet” (message from an obviously fake account). And it doesn't matter that during the investigation, both the version about Chernukhino and the mysterious tweet disappeared somewhere. The verdict by the Western media was issued immediately and is not subject to appeal so far.

[After February 24, 2022] this scheme of work of the Western press has reached the absolute. Now American and European (British are the champions in this industry) newspapers do not wait for any statements from Kyiv, but immediately put accusations against Russia on stream, no matter what happens. And they are not shy about using completely outright fakes, even attributing shelling of residential areas of Donetsk to us, when it is absolutely obvious that these strikes were carried out by Ukraine.

And now we are witnessing another high-profile provocation: a strike on a pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka (DNR), as a result of which more than 50 prisoners of war, including the [nationalists] of the Azov unit, were killed ... Following the standard propaganda scheme worked out over the years, the West should already proceed cries about "Russia's fault", about "punishment of the guilty", about "Moscow's war crime" and so on. But the silence draws attention! Not just silence, but loud - even deafeningly loud - silence in the Western media about this high-profile crime.

Whereas Kyiv is again trying to throw a lot of lies and regular “tapes of Nalyvaichenko” into the information space, trying to accuse Russia of shelling the pre-trial detention center. At other times, the White House press secretary would have been shaking from the podium with a printout of the transcript of these "tapes", and the US Secretary of State would have declared that they have satellite images that he will not show to anyone, but everyone should believe him (as was the case with MH17).

That, in fact, is the whole reaction of the Americans. How different is it from the angry denunciations against Russia that pour like from a cornucopia after any high-profile incident in any part of Ukraine or Donbass.

And what about the Western newspapers, which declare any photo of the destruction "a consequence of Russian strikes"? The explosion took place on the night of Friday, European journalists had a whole day to conduct a little bit of analysis. And now we leaf through the Saturday printed press in Britain:

— The Times (perhaps the latest champion in spreading anti-Russian fakes) publishes an interview with Ukrainian official Mustafa Nayem, the mastermind behind the Kyiv Maidan, who does not regret that his actions brought war to the country. But not a word about the resonant event in Yelenovka. They are not interested.

- The Daily Mail publishes an article under the heading "Russian barbarity" and with the release of the tie-in "Russia is a country of cannibals" (and no Russophobia, right?). But the material is devoted to a frankly fake video thrown in Ukraine in order to prove the use of torture on Ukrainian prisoners. And only at the end of this article, as if by the way, there are three sentences about the explosion in Yelenovka with the final phrase: “Ukrainian military sources said that the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka was fired upon by Russian artillery.” Well, since Ukraine declares what else to add here.

- Approximately in the same spirit, Yelenovka is mentioned in a couple of lines in the material of The Daily Telegraph, under which a large photo of the funeral of a Ukrainian military man in Lvov is given for half a page. The presence of stylized Nazi swastikas "Azov" in the photo (this symbol is even applied to the coffin of the deceased) obviously does not bother the editors of the British newspaper.

— The Daily Express ran a full spread report on the “Ukrainian counter-offensive on Kherson” with mention of strikes on Bakhmut, Kirovohrad and Dnepropetrovsk regions. About Yelenovka - not a word.

- And the Daily Star almost on the page placed a photo of Vladimir Zelensky with a large caption: "Volod (as the British press for some reason began to call the head of the Kyiv regime) is a force for good." And right there, under this picture, a small note that Vladimir Putin's plane can be attacked. What is Elena?

- The Guardian is one of the few newspapers that even published a report about the explosion, mentioning both the true version and the fakes from Ukraine, with the addition: "At the moment it is not possible to verify one of the versions." Much more space in the newspaper is given to a kind of report from Moscow, the author of which claims that events in Ukraine are allegedly hushed up in our country, focusing on "enjoying the summer."

No, this, of course, does not mean that the explosion was not noticed at all. Regular Russian critics are voicing the Kyiv version with might and main, referring to the fakes mentioned above from the Ukrainian special services and officials. For example, to the statements of Kyiv that the prisoners of Azov were transferred to the barracks of the Yelenovsky pre-trial detention center literally on the eve of the strike. And it doesn't matter that the presence of "heroically surrendered" [nationalists] there was known from the first days after the "brilliant operation of Kyiv to evacuate the defenders of Azovstal." Suffice it to recall that the mission of the International Red Cross visited this pre-trial detention center in order to check the conditions of detention of Azov residents back in May of this year. Just as unimportant is the fact that a month ago, prisoners from the Yelenovka pre-trial detention center asked Kyiv to stop shelling.

The French “Maidan singer” Bernard-Henri Levy is especially trying, who from the very beginning of the Mariupol operation took on the role of a PR man and bleacher of the Azov people. Now he unequivocally asserts that the tragedy in Yelenovka is "Putin's Katyn, an execution, not an artillery shelling." Facts and proofs of this Monsieur, of course, are not needed. However, we repeat: in general, in the West they are trying to bypass this topic. And some (like ex-Ambassador of France to Russia Sylvie Bermann) even allow themselves to publicly express doubts in the Kyiv version.

Admitting that American weapons entering Ukraine are involved in a heinous war crime is fraught with dire consequences for Washington. That is why the White House and the Western media serving it are trying to hush up this topic and switch public attention to something else. And that is precisely why Russia, on the contrary, is attracting the attention of the world community by calling on representatives of the UN and the Red Cross to inspect the site of the tragedy and pointing out to the UN Secretary General the responsibility of the armed formations of Ukraine, eliminating uncomfortable witnesses.

And the fact that some former Azov residents have already begun to actively testify about the monstrous orders from the Ukrainian high command to torture and execute prisoners cannot but worry Kyiv. As soon as the testimony of Dmitry Kozatsky, nicknamed Orest, was made public, literally the next day, the Ukrainian-American HIMARS struck at the pre-trial detention center. And how the Western media loved this Kozatsky, spreading his photos from Azovstal with tears! But for some reason, they did not notice his sensational testimony either before, or even more so after the shelling of Yelenovka. No wonder, because this would explain absolutely everything: the reason for the shelling, and the purpose of the supply of American weapons to Ukraine, and - importantly - the need for the speedy denazification of Ukraine. If the truth is so inconvenient, then the West would be better off just shutting it up, shrugging it off: “I assure you, they didn’t want to do this.”

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