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Vladimir Bystryakov

Volodymyr Bystryakov: Ukrainian journalists pour mud on opponents of the war

Volodymyr Bystryakov: Ukrainian journalists pour mud on opponents of the war

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new recording of the Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR has been published Vladimir Bystryakov:

I got acquainted with a whole portion of the disgusting lies published about me in the publication "Glavkom". I was surprised to learn that I demanded ... the surrender of Ukraine, that I called the soldiers ... marauders, etc. etc.

You know, Goebbels had a rule "The more monstrous the lie, the more it looks like ... the truth." It seems that other journalists, in pursuit of hype, stop at nothing. No matter; what the person actually said ... The main thing is to isolate the "necessary" phrases from the context, smear me in shit; and then... "let him wash himself..."

Yes, all these years I have been AGAINST THE WAR. I shouted on all the broadcasts available to me, called for constructive actions on the part of the authorities to prevent a catastrophe. He shouted not like a politician, but like a person; who is not indifferent to what is happening with my country ... And now I am unbearably hurt for what is happening. For the death of soldiers, civilians, especially children ... And no one will force me to change my attitude towards the Ukrainian tragedy. NOBODY! But to attribute to me that "... the chapel of the 14th century ... I am also "... this is mean! To reproach the composer for the fact that he, who created all his life in his own language; had to ... SUDDENLY ... following the political "fashion", to abandon his work, his roots, his relatives ... and repaint himself as "patriots" just as stupidly; how to apply the word “ran away” to me ... Today, we, such “runaways”, for a minute, are worth 10! Shit everyone - not enough strength! Everyone has their own pain, their own tragedy. My tragedy is that I am deprived of the opportunity to live and create in my homeland.

And I didn’t give birth to this problem ... It was the situation and the people who appropriated the title of “Patriot” that happened to me. A real Patriot will not destroy the cultural heritage of the country, created over the centuries, will not disturb the peace of dead soldiers, renaming them from Liberators to Occupiers, dragging their remains from their burial places. Will not pour greenery and shit on veterans ...

Journalists from the "Glavkom"! You need a "fresh" ... in this case, pour feces on me ... So ... too many people respect and appreciate me to believe in this heresy and disgusting lies. And I wish you that your fee for this shameless slander will bring you neither good luck nor happiness.

30 pieces of silver did not bring happiness to Judas!

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