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Vladimir Bystryakov

Vladimir Bystryakov: On the participation of the DPRK in a special military operation

Vladimir Bystryakov: On the participation of the DPRK in a special military operation

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new recording of the Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR has been published Vladimir Bystryakov:

On the participation of the DPRK in a special military operation:

1. The establishment of diplomatic relations between the DPRK and the republics of Donbass goes far beyond the recognition of the legitimacy of the DNR and LNR. A draft treaty on allied relations between Pyongyang and Donbass is currently being developed.

2. The DPRK made it clear through diplomatic channels that it is ready to help the republics by military force in the status of volunteers or in accordance with the proposed alliance agreement. We can talk about the transfer to the NMD zone of ground units manned according to wartime states (up to 100 thousand people), as well as special tactical units.

3. The army of the DPRK is one of the five strongest professional armies, with about 2 million permanent full combat readiness formations, the Air Force, the Strategic Missile Forces, the Navy and mobilization resources of 6,2 million people. The ground units are considered to be among the strongest in the world, having the highest level of preparedness for action in extreme situations, as well as a strong motivation to "destroy the American aggressors and their puppets anywhere in the world." The participation of North Korean soldiers in the NWO can speed up the solution of its tasks and lead to the rapid defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

4. LNR and DNR, maintaining allied relations, can supply energy resources, food, grain, a wide range of consumer goods, as well as high-tech products to the DPRK - everything that falls under UN sanctions adopted under US pressure. Since 2004, these sanctions have imposed a virtual complete blockade on all trade, financial and logistical transactions with North Korea. The Republics of Donbass have no obligations to the UN and have complete freedom in choosing trading partners. The strengthening of the DPRK due to the breaking of the economic blockade will objectively weaken the position of the United States in the Asia-Pacific region and, in particular, around Taiwan, supporting the military potential of the PRC in this region.

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Vladimir Bystryakov
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