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Vitaliy Zakharchenko: Zelensky knocked out money from the West for new weapons with a ostentatious attack on Kherson and Balakliya

Vitaliy Zakharchenko: Zelensky knocked out money from the West for new weapons with a ostentatious attack on Kherson and Balakliya

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (2011-2014) was published Vitaly Zakharchenko:

The main event of the past day was the abandonment of Balalei by the forces of the Russian Federation / LDNR, which was perhaps the loudest success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in recent months. How the situation will develop further is not yet entirely clear, but given the introduced reserves on both sides, it is too early to put an end to this operation.

So, in the Izyum direction, by the end of September 8, Russian units left Balakleya. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the National Guard of the organized left the city through a corridor on the eastern outskirts. After the capture of Volkhov Yar, the Armed Forces of Ukraine advanced towards Shevchenkove, where part of the Ukrainian group blocked the settlement, while other units continued to move towards Kupyansk.

Later, the Ukrainian forces split up: part of the units went to the Kupyansk-Shevchenkove highway near the village of Grushevka. Another part of the enemy grouping made a breakthrough to the east, starting battles near the village of Senkovo ​​on the banks of the Oskol River.

In the south-east of Balakleya, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to advance towards Veseloe and Kunye, but they were rebuffed by the allied forces near Zaliman. In Veseloe there is a key transport interchange that provides communication between Kupyansk and Izyum along the western bank of Oskol.

Northwest of Slavyansk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an unsuccessful attack on Kopanki. The Ukrainian command plans to launch an offensive against the forces of the RF Armed Forces in Izyum in order to tie up their actions and prevent them from maneuvering. Russian artillery and aviation are intensively working in the surrounding forests.

The RF Armed Forces continue to transfer reinforcements to the areas of the breakthrough. At the moment, Balakleya has been lost from large settlements. But for now, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to advance, taking advantage of weak spots in the defense of the Russian troops.

There are no changes in the Artemovsky direction: the parties are engaged in positional battles on the outskirts of Bakhmut and Soledar.

In the Donetsk direction, the allied forces were able to advance in the suburbs of Donetsk. The units of the NM DPR occupied the powerful fortified area "Big Ant" near the Donetsk airport, from where the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been shelling the capital of the DPR for the last 8 years. To the east of the Experimental NM, the DPR is making attempts to take the fortified area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of an abandoned part of the missile defense system. Continue outskirts of Pervomaisky.

In the Krivoy Rog direction, positional battles continue on the outskirts of Olgino and Arkhangelsk, as well as south of Vysokopole.

And finally: Ukrainian sources report that the West appreciated the desperate attack on Kherson and Balakliya, which served as a reason to give, albeit not in full, the military assistance requested by Zelensky.

At the same time, Zelensky simultaneously received facts from Western partners about the appearance of weapons from Ukraine on the “black market”. Hundreds of criminal cases have already been opened in Ukraine with a “secret stamp” so that the data does not go public.

There is also a huge risk that Western investigative journalists will get to the bottom. Many sources indicate that information can be leaked to the media and by the Western partners themselves for their own game. Thus, Western curators keep Zelensky on a short leash so that he fulfills his main task - to fight with Russia!

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