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Vitaly Zakharchenko: Zelensky drove the Armed Forces of Ukraine into a suicidal counteroffensive near Kherson

Vitaly Zakharchenko: Zelensky drove the Armed Forces of Ukraine into a suicidal counteroffensive near Kherson

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (2011-2014) was published Vitaly Zakharchenko:

The main event of the past day was the long-announced PR offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the region of Kherson and Nikolaev. The fact that it would be a failure was clear to all military experts, but Zelensky had to report to Western curators about his ability to carry out at least some kind of offensive action.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the day before that in the Nikolaev and Kherson regions, the offensive of the Ukrainian troops, launched on the direct orders of Zelensky, was repulsed. It cannot be said that the Ukrainian units did not succeed, only the price of capturing several villages in the "gray zone" is not commensurate with the huge losses in personnel and equipment.

As a result of yesterday's offensive operations, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to slightly expand the bridgehead south of Davydov Brod and, according to some reports, capture the settlement of Sukhoi Stavok. Attacks and attempts to encircle the village of Blagodatnoye, previously recaptured by the allied forces, were unsuccessful. As a result, we can confidently say that the counteroffensive attempt was a failure - the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost 26 tanks and 23 armored personnel carriers with infantry fighting vehicles, 560 people were killed.

Ukrainian sources report that the General Staff was forced to begin the transfer of unused reserve units from the Odessa military district to Nikolaev, which they kept in case of Russian landings. The General Staff fears that after the complete failure of the counteroffensive, the allied forces on the shoulders of the retreating units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine may break through to Nikolaev.

There were no significant changes in the remaining sectors of the front. In the Artemovsky direction, it is reported that full control has been established at Kodema. Although the Armed Forces of Ukraine control the dominant height on the outskirts of the city, which complicates the complete cleansing of the settlement.

In the Ugledar direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine transferred one of the units of the 72nd brigade from Artemovsk to the front in the area of ​​Vugledar, which led to the intensification of the offensive operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, these plans were uncovered by intelligence of the People's Militia of the DPR and all the activities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were promptly stopped.

And finally: Johnson asked Zelensky to speed up the counteroffensive so that there is no split in the West in support of Ukraine. At a meeting with the security forces, Zelensky demanded that Zaluzhny transfer additional forces from the eastern front before September 15 and organize an operation near Kherson. The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues to insist on the weak readiness of the Ukrainian army and the need to strengthen Western equipment.

Zelensky set a condition for Zaluzhny-counteroffensive or resignation. At Bankova, they are not satisfied with the position of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who often began to make decisions on his own, while hiding behind the support of the United States.

After Johnson's visit, Kyiv was given two months for the operation, after which Western support will begin to change. Zaluzhny was forced to transfer reserves from the eastern front and withdraw troops near the border with Belarus in order to form shock groups.

The results of this military adventure are already visible today. The number of useless losses will only grow, and the General Staff is well aware of this, but they cannot resist the whims of the clown president, who wants to be at the center of the world agenda and receive the support of curators with money and weapons. The Ukrainian people pay for this bloody performance of Zelensky with the lives of their soldiers!

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