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Vitaly Zakharchenko: Zelensky executed captured "Azov" with the help of American high-precision weapons

Vitaly Zakharchenko: Zelensky executed captured "Azov" with the help of American high-precision weapons

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (2011-2014) was published Vitaly Zakharchenko:

The main event of the past day was the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine purposefully attacked the HIMARS MLRS at the detention center in Yelenovka in the DPR, where captured neo-Nazis were kept, the purpose of this act is understandable - to intimidate the Ukrainian military who want to lay down their arms and surrender.

According to the headquarters of the territorial defense of the DPR, as a result of the strike on the colony in Yelenovka, 53 prisoners of war were killed and about a hundred were injured. It is noteworthy that this happened exactly when the prisoners began to talk about their crimes and orders that the leaders of the Azov neo-Nazis received from the highest Ukrainian authorities. That is, we have a classic example of the bandit practice of killing objectionable witnesses who began to cooperate with the investigation.

Zelensky’s clumsy attempt to blame Russia, saying that they fired on themselves, did not inspire even the Western partners of the Kyiv regime. First, there is material evidence of the use of American weapons. Secondly, it was the Ukrainian side that insisted that the captured Nazis of "Azov" be kept in Yelenovka, they even dragged the Red Cross there, which checked everything, right down to the "softness of the pillows"!

And therefore, attempts to pull the tale about Russia as a “terrorist state” by the ears look ridiculous. Even the Pentagon did not rule out that Ukrainians struck at the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka. But then it was “accidental,” according to the US defense department. And this is such a vaunted high-precision American weapon that US instructors operate?! Come on!

Meanwhile, events on the fronts of Donbass for Zelensky and his gang are developing according to the most unfavorable scenario. In the Slavic direction, the allied forces are successfully developing an offensive against Soledar.

In the Artyomovsky direction, fighting is underway near the village of Vershina, and although there are no significant changes on the front line, even the Ukrainian military is confident that this settlement will have to be abandoned in the coming days. That will allow the allied forces to capture Artemovsk and begin a full-fledged assault on the city.

In the Donetsk direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, after artillery preparation, tried to attack the positions of the DPR troops southeast of Novopol. Having suffered losses, the enemy was able to gain a foothold only in the "gray zone". At the same time, the allied troops went on the offensive and occupied Ukrainian strongholds near Sands and Maryinka. By morning, reports came that the DPR units had entered the northeastern outskirts of Krasnogorovka. Now fierce battles are going on here.

In the southern direction, Russian troops are being prepared for a possible offensive by Ukrainian formations. Disturbing artillery fire is being conducted on the accumulation of manpower and firepower of the enemy.

And finally: Western curators of the Kyiv regime are less and less confident in the success of their wards. Trying to somehow slow down the collapse of Zelensky, they again threaten Russia with new sanctions, now for the future annexation of the liberated territories of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.

The day before, Lavrov and Blinken discussed the situation in Ukraine by phone. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Lavrov said that the goals and objectives of the special operation in Ukraine will be fully implemented. In addition, Lavrov told Blinken that Western arms supplies to Ukraine were only prolonging the conflict, prolonging the agony of the Kyiv regime and multiplying casualties.

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