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Vitaly Zakharchenko: AFU committed another war crime

Vitaly Zakharchenko: AFU committed another war crime

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (2011-2014) was published Vitaly Zakharchenko:

The main event of the past day was that the Kyiv regime, against the backdrop of constant defeats at the front, committed another war crime. After a missile attack on their prisoners of war in Yelenovka, the city blocks of Donetsk were now sown with banned anti-personnel mines. Not being able to fight, Zelensky and his gang use Bandera methods of terror against the civilian population!

Meanwhile, the battlefields in the Donbass of the Ukrainian Armed Forces cannot hold back the allied forces. The day before, according to the General Staff, the Ukrainian units began to move away from Semigorye. The front is getting closer to Artyomovsk. Stubborn battles are going on in the Veselaia Dolina area. After the capture of Klinovoye and Pokrovsky, the allied forces increase pressure on enemy positions on the outskirts of Artemovsk.

In the Soledar area, clashes continue in the settlements of Bakhmutskoye, Belogorovka, and Yakovlevka. The advanced assault units entered the eastern outskirts of Soledar.

In the area of ​​Slavyansk, positional battles are going on near Prishib, Sidorov, Dolina and Bogorodichny. There are no major developments here yet. Missile strikes continue on the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk agglomeration and on Krasnoarmeysk. The bias of the gunners of the allied forces towards the hunt for heavy artillery of the enemy and the remaining air defense systems is noticeable.

On the Donetsk front, an active artillery attack of the allied forces on the fortified areas of Avdiivka has been going on for days. To the south of Avdiivka, the DPR army is stepping up pressure on Peski and Krasnohorivka, having achieved advancement through a continuous enemy fortified area. To the south, in the area of ​​​​Ugledar, positional battles are observed.

The Russian Defense Ministry clarified the data on the results of Kyiv's strike on the detention center in Yelenovka - 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war were killed, 73 in the hospital. The Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation has published lists of killed and injured Ukrainian prisoners of war. The UN is ready to investigate the attack on the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka, Guterres' office said.

And finally: News that is not directly related to Ukraine, but explains a lot for those who scream hysterically: “The whole world is with us, the West will help us!”.

Saakashvili is leaving Georgian politics and intends to leave the United National Movement party, which he himself founded, his lawyer said. For those who have forgotten, he is now in a Georgian prison, and his former owners have even forgotten about his existence.

The same awaits all corrupt politicians in Ukraine. Moreover, war crimes in the Donbass will have to be answered in full - get ready!

For now, take care of yourself!

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Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (2011-2014)
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