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Vitaly Zakharchenko: The Kyiv regime wants to arrange a nuclear catastrophe in order to avoid defeat on the fronts

Vitaly Zakharchenko: The Kyiv regime wants to arrange a nuclear catastrophe in order to avoid defeat on the fronts

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (2011-2014) was published Vitaly Zakharchenko:

The main event of the past day was another insane shelling of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. The motive of Zelensky and his gang is understandable and cynical to the limit. The APU is clearly losing the war. Just like it was in the summer of 2014. Then, to contain Russia, the Ukrainian authorities, together with Western intelligence agencies, shot down a Malaysian Boeing.

Today they need another tragedy - a repeat of Chernobyl. We are talking about the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. What is the purpose of Kyiv and the West? Again avoid a strategic military defeat. Ground military operations will be stopped hundreds of kilometers from the nuclear power plant. Russia will be blamed for a nuclear catastrophe. We will have to carry out a mass evacuation of the population from the infected areas, and these are millions of people. Decades of years will have to deal with the neutralization of the consequences.

The US State Department has already expressed the idea of ​​creating a so-called demilitarized zone around the ZNPP. In other words, it requires Russia to withdraw its troops, otherwise the Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue shelling. In addition, the US states that only Russia will bear full responsibility for the situation at the ZNPP. This is actually carte blanche for Kyiv to continue shelling, which will certainly continue.

Meanwhile, on the fronts, it gave the Ukrainian regime - worse than ever. In the Slavic direction, allied troops continue to strike at the objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kramatorsk and in Konstantinovka. There are fights on the eastern outskirts of Soledar and Artemovsk, as well as in the village of Kodema.

In the Donetsk direction, the allied forces continue to squeeze out units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the village of Zaitsevo to the north of Gorlovka. There is an assault on Rozovka from Novoselovka and Novobakhmutovka, this makes it possible to encircle the APU group, which is located in Novgorodsky.

In the northwestern part of the village of Peski, clashes continue, Ukrainian formations are pulling reserves into the village. Allied troops are systematically destroying them, in particular, they are firing at the fortified positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from artillery and heavy flamethrower systems TOS-1A.

In the Dnepropetrovsk region, the RF Armed Forces inflicted fire damage on the objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Nikopol, Sinelnikovo and the Dniprovsky district. In the Krivoy Rog direction, Russian artillery hit the enemy positions in Zelenodolsk, Osokorovka and Knyazevka.

There is growing evidence that Ukrainian fighters are burning the bodies of dead foreign mercenaries to make it harder to identify them.

And finally: Zaluzhny reported to Zelensky about the need to urgently strengthen the eastern front or Soledar, Seversk, Artemovsk will not be held by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. If the situation is not urgently changed, then by the end of the summer the allied forces will take these cities. And this, in turn, will create the prerequisites for the complete encirclement of the AFU grouping in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.

Ukrainian sources claim that MI-6 passed on intelligence to the General Staff that Russian troops could destroy military units in the Nikopol area from which strikes are being made on the Zaporizhzhya NPP. Well, this is quite logical, given Kyiv's intentions to arrange a nuclear catastrophe.

For now, take care of yourself!

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