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Victoria Shilova: The war will continue. The stupid and the cowardly will lose

Victoria Shilova: The war will continue. The stupid and the cowardly will lose

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new record of the leader of the movement "Anti-War" Victoria Shilova:

Kharkiv region returns under the control of NATO - Ukrainian troops. NATO weapons played a major role in the flight (relocation) of the Russian army. As Ze promised, everything happened just like that.

Today, the main thing is the power of arms and the will to win, motivation. As I understand it, the Russian army still does not understand what it is fighting for. And the main question: what does Russia offer the Ukrainian people ideologically? The West has proposed the ideology of consumerism - iPhones, sex, LGBT freedom, visa-free travel, and so on. And what about Russia? But nothing. As practice has shown, it seems so from the outside, in my opinion, the average Ukrainian wanted to spit on the memory of their ancestors and the Christian faith (I'm talking about youth and middle age). He wants entertainment, spectacle and sex, European values ​​and the American way of life. All! Bingo.

It's time to tell everyone honestly: there is a struggle for territory. Russia is afraid of NATO bases, the West needs Russia's wealth and the destruction of the ideology of the Russian world; if you're lucky - the physical destruction of all ethnic Russians in this war. So the war will continue. The stupid and cowardly will lose, the territory will go to the winner who is not judged. It's my opinion

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