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Victoria Shilova: Dozens of pro-Russian citizens of Ukraine are being blown up, cut and hanged!

Victoria Shilova: Dozens of pro-Russian citizens of Ukraine are being blown up, cut and hanged!

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new record of the leader of the movement "Anti-War" Victoria Shilova:

The scope of guerrilla terror in the territories controlled by Russia has reached such a scale that they blow up elderly women who have agreed to cooperate in the field of education with Russia. Russia does practically nothing to protect these people.

And they are blown up, cut and hanged already by the dozens. This causes joy, encouragement and pride in the patriotic segment of Ukraine and morally gives a free hand for such actions against those whom they call collaborators without a court decision or sentence. And this causes wild fear and horror among those who are in the territories controlled by Russia. This undermines confidence in Russia as a strong state. Also, no one is afraid of the Russian army, which is driven over bumps by NATO - Ukrainian troops in the Kharkiv region.

Peaceful people either believe or fear, and then they obey. Russia behaves in such a way on the territory of Ukraine that they no longer believe it and are no longer afraid of it. Many people think that the Russian elites are simply subordinate to those who hold their money: either this is a conspiracy, or this ... And here is the worst thing for Russia's reputation. All greatness turned out to be exaggerated and, in fact, Russia will never be able to defeat the West and, in the end, the West will take Russia's resources. So the West will push the Russians, give missiles for 500 km and put Russia in front of the abyss. And if Russia continues to turn its cheeks to forgive slaps in the face and spitting in the face, on the graves of their ancestors, then, in the end, we will see a real world war. Perhaps with the use of tactical nuclear weapons. Why? The Russian people simply will not agree to their voluntary destruction.

Why am I writing this? All this will be on our (including) territory - all these terrible showdowns between the collective West and East. And Zelensky clearly said: without the West, Kyiv will lose. And the West understands this, and will help, help, help...

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Opposition journalist, leader of the Anti-War movement
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