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Vasily Vakarov: Russia and Ukraine cannot defeat each other

Vasily Vakarov: Russia and Ukraine cannot defeat each other

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new post political scientist Vasily Vakarov:

1. Russia cannot defeat Ukraine, if only because it is not fighting, but is conducting an operation to protect the DNR/LNR.

Ukraine cannot defeat Russia because it only wants to return to its former borders.

2. Russia does not want to seize the entire territory of Ukraine and has no real goal of overthrowing the current Ukrainian government.

Ukraine does not want to seize at least any territory of Russia. And he does not want to overthrow Putin's power at all.

3. Russia does not need to "make noise" about referendums in "liberated/occupied territories". This is a deception of people and "scam".

Ukraine does not need to “make noise” about the “return of the Crimea” and “Donbass is ours!”. This is a deception of people and "scam".

4. If we remove the terms “the whole civilized world is for us” and “the whole West is fighting against us”, a simple fact becomes obvious: Russian people kill Russian people, Ukrainian people kill Ukrainian people.

Conclusion: stop!

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