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Vasily Vakarov: The NVO regime will end, the counter-terrorist regime will begin

Vasily Vakarov: The NVO regime will end, the counter-terrorist regime will begin

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new post political scientist Vasily Vakarov:

From what Putin said:

1) The CBO mode ends. How? In fact, a defeat, since none of the goals announced on February 24.02 has been achieved.

2) The political process begins: referendums, partial mobilization, Laws, Decrees. It will end by October 7th.

And then it will be announced that the SVO ended successfully, because the DPR and LPR (and not only) became part of Russia and denazification was successfully carried out there.

And in order to carry out "demilitarization" it is necessary to destroy the terrorists who are "in the liberated territories."

3) That's when the "counter-terrorist operation" will begin. At its core, it will be something between the ATO (in Ukraine) and the participation of the Russian Federation in the "Syrian company", or KTO for short. The NWO regime will end, the counter-terrorist regime will begin.

In Ukraine, both the NWO and the KTO have been called, are called and will be called the "Russian-Ukrainian war."

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