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Vasily Vakarov: About Rammstein

Vasily Vakarov: About Rammstein

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new post political scientist Vasily Vakarov:

About Rammstein. Ukraine is not badly prepared for today's conference of international allies at the German US airbase in Germany. It is obvious that the counterattacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south and north of the front were made just in time for the approaching meeting. The goal of activation on the fronts is also absolutely clear: to convince their supporters of further support and betray confidence in the success of the entire event. The picture is correct and edible.

However, personally, I have a strong feeling of something implausible, artificially false in all this. Painfully “correctly” the information of the “Troitsa” is presented in the form of: British military intelligence, the American “Institute for the Study of War” and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They lack at least two important components:

1) at what cost is Ukraine given these counterattacks? How many people were killed on the fronts these days?

2) how will these offensives end?

Ukraine hopes to receive positive decisions on the further supply of weapons and other assistance, and I think that it will receive it. Will it weaken Russia? I don't think.

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