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Vasily Vakarov: There will be no declaration of war!

Vasily Vakarov: There will be no declaration of war!

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» published a new post political scientist Vasily Vakarov:

I was asked to give my forecast of the development of events after the referendum in the new territories of Ukraine.

I'll try.

1. I believe that on October 5-7 the formal procedure will end and the new territories will become part of Russia.
2. From now on, the “Special Military Operation” will end and the “CTO” (counter-terrorist operation) will begin in the annexed territories.
3. Mobilization will not be carried out, since Russia will be able to use the regular army anyway, within the framework of the CTO.
4. There will be no declaration of war.

What else will be done within the CTO:

— stopped transit of gas to Europe;
- the transit of oil to Europe was stopped;
— all generating energy companies (including the Zaporozhye NPP) will be connected to Russian networks… My saddest forecast is that the war between Russia and Ukraine will continue. Regardless of the name.

This entry is also available in Telegram the author.

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