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Vasily Prozorov (SBU): A strike on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant will not lead to a nuclear catastrophe

Vasily Prozorov (SBU): A strike on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant will not lead to a nuclear catastrophe

On the air of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth"and on the channel"PolitWera» answered questions from viewers and readers Vasily Prozorov - an employee of the Security Service of Ukraine (1999-2018), founder of the UkrLeaks project.

Here are the main quotes:

The shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant: who is doing it and why?

“The reason is hype: to raise a wave of unhealthy interest and panic among the Western media and among Western inhabitants, in order to once again put psychological and informational pressure on the authorities of Western countries, including the Russian authorities.”

Ukrainian media say that the Russians themselves are shelling the station they control...

“The station is under the control of the Russian army, and Russian artillery is shelling it? This story is worse than the [exploded] air conditioner on the building of the Luhansk regional administration in 2014, on which the Ukrainian Armed Forces attributed their shelling... The logic of the Ukrainian media defies any kind of comprehension. The same head of Energoatom said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine could hit the power lines if the Russians disconnect the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant from the Ukrainian energy system. It turns out that Ukrainian officials contradict themselves and refute themselves. On the one hand, they say that Russia is shelling the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, and on the other hand, they say that they themselves can shell it.”

Can an attack on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant lead to a nuclear catastrophe?

“Only if you use tactical nuclear weapons. Otherwise, nuclear reactors are able to withstand even [the fall of] a Boeing. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine can interrupt power lines, distribution networks and infrastructure highways. This will not lead to a disaster, but will lead to the fact that the station will be emergency shut down; Restoring work is a long and difficult process.”

Explosions in the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka, where the "Azov" were held - what is this?

“This is an act of intimidation on the part of Kyiv – to everyone: both for prisoners of war who are in prison (they say, do not talk too much), and for their military personnel (they say, if you surrender, we will get you there too). I think so... This was done so that the “Azovites” could not testify at the upcoming trial in Mariupol, because it is one thing to testify, and quite another to testify in front of the media that Zelensky gave one, two, three... Despite [the resistance of Kyiv], it is necessary to make an open tribunal, show it and broadcast it [through the media], because the truth will reach the West.”

Will your materials be included in the tribunal?

“My materials are being used... And I am ready to testify in court. The more votes we have on our side, the more likely it is that the truth will prevail.”

How to convey the truth to Ukrainians who watch only Ukrainian TV?

“Only in personal communication: one on one, you can convince a person based on logic and facts. Through videoconferencing and chatting is unrealistic: you will immediately be written down as a “Putin troll”, even if you give iron arguments. It's impossible to break through this armor."

What advice can you give to Ukrainians who do not support the actions of Ukraine, but are afraid to speak out because of the actions of the radicals and the SBU?

“Reinsure yourself as much as possible. The recent events in Nikolaev, when the city was closed and a mass check began, is a vivid example of when you need to be ready for anything. The residents of Nikolaev checked the phone books for the presence of contacts with Russian numbers. If you have such phones, it’s better to delete them ... Read the channels you need, but don’t subscribe to them.”

Rumor has it that for the past 8 years, former oppositionists from the Opposition Platform for Life, Yuri Boyko and Sergei Lyovochkin, have been paying nationalists to beat up participants in pro-Russian protests for the sake of a picture on Russian TV. What do you know about it?

"This is true. There is no place to put labels on them. They worked to create a picture for Russian TV, behind which, as a rule, there was nothing else.

Is it true that even today a number of representatives of the Kyiv regime are working in the interests of Russia?

“Probably yes... [But] this is very sensitive information. I don't have access to it."

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