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Vasily Prozorov: Amnesty International is trying to be objective

Vasily Prozorov: Amnesty International is trying to be objective

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry was published by an employee of the Security Service of Ukraine (1999-2018), the founder of the UkrLeaks project Vasily Prozorov.

Many TG channels write that Amnesty "broke", "came over to the side of Russia" and so on...

It is about report British human rights organization Amnesty International, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine are accused of using civilian infrastructure to place their positions, thus endangering the lives of civilians.

On the one hand, I would like to be glad that many of the similar facts that civilians told me personally (see here и here) had a cumulative effect. Well, Amnesty has finally taken notice.

But there is little reason to rejoice, because this organization has a lot of frankly fabricated reports about war crimes on the Russian side. By the way, they have been conducting this work against Russia for a long time and systematically.

In general, these are just attempts by the West to play objective observers. But we do know...

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