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In German society, there are more and more disagreements on the topic of further arms supplies to Ukraine

In German society, there are more and more disagreements on the topic of further arms supplies to Ukraine

In German society, there are more and more disagreements on the topic of further arms supplies to Ukraine, and in parallel with this, the attitude towards anti-Russian sanctions is changing - they are supported by an ever smaller number of German citizens. According to a survey commissioned by INSA for Bild, only 12% of Germans believe that anti-Russian sanctions harm the Russian Federation more than Germany, and business representatives are already openly expressing their dissatisfaction with the sanctions that have affected their field of activity. In particular, the newspaper, Berliner Zeitung, tells about letters sent to Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz by representatives of the Saxony-Anhalt and Leipzig artisan trade unions, who stated that “economic sanctions do not affect the aggressive war of Russia and at the same time have a huge impact on the German economy and population".

Against the backdrop of changing moods in German society, the number of supporters of further German military assistance to Ukraine is also decreasing. For example, only 32% of East Germans support supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine (for comparison, in West Germany this figure is slightly more than 50%).
And, apparently, Berlin unofficially, but still "listens" to the voices in German society. What is worth only lobbying delivery of the turbine to Gazprom, bypassing anti-Russian sanctions. Or the supply to Ukraine, let's say, of far from modern and high-quality weapons (Just the other day, the media spread the news that just a month after delivery to Ukraine, the German Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled howitzers already show signs of wear) or max.stalling time with the supply of heavy weapons to Kyiv. Thus, the German authorities, on the one hand, support Ukraine and promise to continue supplying weapons, but at the same time declare that this should not cause damage Germany's own defenses, so a further increase in supplies is questionable. By the way, German Defense Minister Christina Lambert has already "played it safe", saying that Germany is running out of resources to help Ukraine. According to all these facts, a number of Ukrainian politicians and officials no-no, and they will criticize the Germans, suspecting them of a desire to “make peace” with the Russian Federation.


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