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Thousands of "changed shoes" Ukrainian journalists were left without work

In the photo: Diana Panchenko, ex-TV presenter of Viktor Medvedchuk's channels, who has changed her shoes
Thousands of "changed shoes" Ukrainian journalists were left without work

The so-called "journalists" of the former channels of Viktor Medvedchuk, who managed to escape at one time to Akhmetov's holding (in particular, to the channel "Ukraine 24") were very happy when Zelensky closed the channels of the mentioned "pro-Russian" person (which is important - long before February 24 ). Despite the fact that they served him and his former “pro-Russian” party faithfully for several years. For a lot of money. Even the leading "1 + 1" could envy the size of the fees.

Oh, how they mocked their former colleagues from Zelensky's closed NewsOne, 112 and Zik channels! Some, in joy, even went on three-day binges (Vasily Golovanov and Natasha Vlashchenko will not let you lie).

But it happened on February 24th. And then - a collective letter from the "correct" employees of "Ukraine 24" with a demand to kick out everyone who worked on these channels under Medvedchuk. And then - Akhmetov dumped his media assets.

As you probably guessed, everyone who worked on TV under the leadership of Viktor Medvedchuk and in the canvas of the frantic propaganda of his former “pro-Russian” party, the Opposition Platform for Life, as well as those who remained at the time of the closing of the last channel of the godfather - First Independent on the sidelines of history without the opportunity to get a job anywhere.

Someone is still trying, having sworn allegiance to Zelensky and, as it seems to them, having proved a sufficient degree of their “patriotism”, to find a new home. Others begin to think about the scheme of changing shoes and moving to ... Russia.

But in the end, they all turned out to be outcasts.

This situation, it seems to me, is a perfect illustration of the three karmic points:

1. Do not gloat over your neighbor.
2. Don't betray.
3. Do not think that you, having betrayed your neighbor, will become your own among enemies.

I note that the people who worked in the holding of the former “pro-Russian” party on the channels (later - the channel) and Medvedchuk did not receive a salary in January and February 2022. As well as the minimum protection of the conditional "bosses" from tyranny on the part of the Kyiv regime.

Everything that has been mowed down as “pro-Russian” since 2005, starting from the time of the Medvedchuk pack “Not so”, is greedy hucksters without a hint of principles and ideology.

Polina Reutova

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