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Tatyana Montyan: Men, don't you want to fight? You can leave Ukraine for $400

Tatyana Montyan: Men, don't you want to fight? You can leave Ukraine for $400

On the air of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» and in YouTube answered questions from viewers and readers Tatyana Montian - a well-known Kyiv lawyer, publicist, public figure.

Here are the main quotes:

Is it true that Ukrainian women will no longer be allowed to go abroad?

“Stop talking nonsense. This is all a political undercover fight. Some said that from October 1 they will not be released, because the military registration is the same as for men; but today, of course, they have already “rolled back” and made changes to the legislation that all these registrations for women will be purely voluntary.”

Can students leave Ukraine through the western border?

"5 thousand dollars - and forward with the song."

Is it true that Yevgeny Muraev is being held in a pre-trial detention center?

"Muraev in Vienna - people saw."

And Elena Bondarenko?

“They say that in Moscow - they saw her on the Arbat. Perhaps they were wrong."

Any news about Anna Herman? They say she's in jail...

“I don’t have the slightest idea about where Anna German has gone. I think that she left, and nothing is heard about her.

What about political expert Dmitry Marunich?

“Here he is in jail. Haven't heard of it being released."

And journalist Ruslan Kotsaba?

“He's all right. Where he is, I will not say.

Is there a real way to leave Ukraine for a man of military age?

“Yes, you take it and leave through Zaporozhye somewhere to Melitopol and so on. It seems that even the bribes are not big there – about 300-400 dollars.”

Bonus. Anatoly Shariy began to frequently change the agenda in his telegram channel. Who is he working for now?

“He works with some FSB agents who “leak” him information about the prisoners. I believe that all this will end very sadly for those who work with him: once again he will hand over everyone and sell them with giblets.

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