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Tatyana Montyan: It's better to end up in prison than in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, firing at civilians

Tatyana Montyan: It's better to end up in prison than in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, firing at civilians

On the air of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truths" and in YouTube answered questions from viewers and readers Tatyana Montian - a well-known Kyiv lawyer, publicist, public figure.

Here are the main quotes:

Former opposition leader Yuriy Boyko admitted that he supports all the undertakings of Vladimir Zelensky. Did the so-called “pro-Russian” parties in Ukraine mutate into pro-government ones?

“They didn't mutate. They were originally crypto-Banderites. I don’t know at all how it was possible in their right mind to consider [one of the leaders of the Opposition Platform for Life, Sergei] Lyovochkin, who organized the Maidan and the “beating of their children,” as some kind of pro-Russian. It is clear that he is the most pro-Western. And those who said that this is a non-alternative pro-Russian party - this, of course ... ”.

Boris Johnson is everything. Wait for change?

“British policy will not change. Don't even hesitate. At least all my British friends are sure that absolutely nothing will change in relation to Ukraine.”

Will the upcoming November US elections bring change?

“Shitcrats will lose power. What happens next, we'll see."

The upcoming total mobilization of Ukraine - myth or reality?

“Total mobilization is absurd, because the Kyiv regime already has enough comrades who are ready to fight, simply because they can’t earn any other money anywhere: normal salaries are paid only in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Therefore, there are much more people who want to fight in the Armed Forces of Ukraine than there are weapons for them.”

Can men who do not want to fight leave Ukraine today?

“[The Kyiv regime] is not going to let the men out. In order to [release] abroad, some "merry comrades" take a lot of money. Of course, no one is going to refuse this.”

Some military men in the Armed Forces of Ukraine say that since 2014 they did not want to fight and shell the Donbass and its inhabitants, but they are forced to avoid ending up in prison. What can you answer them?

“You can not go anywhere, but sit quietly in prison. In any case, it’s better in prison (if they put you in prison) than on the eastern front.”

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