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Tatyana Montyan: Gennady Korban - yesterday still a prince, but today in the mud

Tatyana Montyan: Gennady Korban - yesterday still a prince, but today in the mud

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist and human rights activist has been published Tatyana Montyan:

Now imagine the black curtains, the sound of the hourly movement and the soft baritone of Yefim Kapelyan from Seventeen Moments of Spring:

“Extract from the order of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine. For an impressive personal contribution to the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, fruitful and selfless cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in protecting the territorial integrity of Ukraine, I order to award the honor of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine - the medal "For Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine" Korban Gennady Olegovich - head of the headquarters of the Defense Council of the city of Dnipro, Head of the Public Council under the Dnipro City Council.

It was Tuesday in May, when the same Reznikov became generous with a medal for Gena Korban - and in July Zelebobus deprived of the same gene Ukrainian passport. How quickly in Saloreikh heroes fall into disgrace, just think about it. I don’t even know what other “heroes” feel now to receive their trinkets for their “impressive personal contribution”: today a medal - and tomorrow on the chopping block.

PS: By the way, why is Korban still not on the "Peacemaker"? And yes, was the medal canceled, or is the great Saloreikh still grateful to him?

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