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Tatyana Montyan: I want to congratulate all the people of Kiev on the birthday of the city

Tatyana Montyan: I want to congratulate all the people of Kiev on the birthday of the city

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist and human rights activist has been published Tatyana Montyan:

I want to congratulate all the people of Kiev on the birthday of the city. After all, not only everyone can congratulate - few can do it. I think many have recognized the reference to legendary pearl Kyiv Gauleiter.

And how sad it is to admit on this festive day that so far our golden-mouthed batyr does not get tired of delighting the public with his incorruptibles, Kyiv under his rule is in a deplorable state. For the second time Vitalka has been bombarding the mailboxes of citizens with cheap propaganda for the glory of her beloved, but old problems remain:

• complete chaos in the housing construction market;
• long-term construction, which he seems to have decided to pass on to his grandchildren;
• advertising, signboards, where it is possible, and where it is absolutely impossible, embodying the poor design code of urban spaces;
• road junctions and endless traffic jams caused by them…

Bridges. "Tired" Shulyavsky, the reconstruction of which stretched out in time and swelled in the budget, the eternally unfinished Podolsko-Voskresensky, crumbling before their eyes. Paton. Except perhaps the mayor's favorite and absolutely useless pedestrian "glass" worth 300 lyams, against which he proudly poses on the front page of his newspaper - and even that was built by some kind of crooked covens.

Municipal transport, led by ageless minibuses, a wretched city ring train and, of course, the metro. Since the boxer was elected mayor, the Kyiv metro has been safely bent. How many stations opened under Mayor Klitschko? Zero! He swore an oath to the Vineyard, and where is it? I'm not talking about Troyeschina. New rolling stock? Dreams Dreams! Instead of tokens, papers with QR codes were introduced - a great achievement. And they threaten to de-Russify the blasphemous "metronims" and replace all the cars of Soviet and Russian production (I wonder where they will find the funds when these same cars are the vast majority?), but so far only bashfully hide the plates from the manufacturer in secluded places.

I am sure that many residents of the capital have been to other countries, used the city infrastructure and could feel the difference. I would like to believe that Kyiv will someday experience an infrastructural and technological flourishing, but I am 200% sure that this will definitely not happen under Chrysostom. The only question is when - and will the city live to see an intelligent mayor?

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