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Tatyana Montyan: All of a sudden, the interests of the United States and Russia coincided

Tatyana Montyan: All of a sudden, the interests of the United States and Russia coincided

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist and human rights activist has been published Tatyana Montyan:

Unexpected news from the USA, which, oddly enough, received little attention. White House Speaker for Homeland Security John Kirby saidthat a controlled shutdown of the ZNPP reactors is the safest and least risky option for the development of the situation.

Actually The United States publicly invited Russia to stop any provocations on the theme of the "second Chernobyl" by shutting down all six nuclear reactors at the Zaporozhye NPP. As for me, this is the best way out of the current situation, when Zelebobus non-stop announces more and more “they fired on themselves” and demands the introduction of new sanctions against the Russian Federation as a “nuclear terrorist”.

Stopping the ZNPP for Russia in this situation would be the best way out. After all, it is already clear that further movements around the station are bringing closer and closer sanctions against the most advanced Russian corporation, Rosatom. And this is not from the category of "they will introduce it anyway, if they want to." The imposition of sanctions against the world leader in the nuclear industry, which has contracts around the world, is not at all the same as against AvtoVAZ or even Rosneft. India, China, Egypt, Turkey and a number of other countries, including Western ones, are critically dependent on Rosatom and are clearly not ready to simply give up their nuclear power plants worth tens of billions, and even put all this at risk of accidents in favor of the United States and the more for the sake of some idiotic Zelebobus.

To explain losses and risks of this magnitude, something more substantial is needed than the screams of a bloody buffoon under coke. And so the key moment could be the very accident at the ZNPP, which is under the control of Russia, and there is not even a shred of doubt that everything is going to this. And when this happens, a howl will rush from the White House and all Western relays about the fact that we proposed to Russia to turn off nuclear reactors at the ZNPP, but they rejected our proposals, specifically to arrange a nuclear accident. And under such a sauce, they will already push Rosatom's clients for sanctions against it. Do you all know that Westinghouse has already carried out all the necessary tests of its fuel assemblies to replace Russian fuel rods? And in general, I studied the specifics of the operation of VVER-type reactors along and across, so it may well try to replace Rosatom, which, of course, will be very expensive and not immediately, but theoretically quite feasible.

Also, shutting down the ZNPP will deprive Zelebobus of the opportunity to steal money from the export of electricity to Europe, produced just at the ZNPP. And at this point, the goals and desires of Russia and the United States, oddly enough, but quite the same.

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