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Tatyana Montyan: Is it time to end the war for fun?

Tatyana Montyan: Is it time to end the war for fun?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist and human rights activist has been published Tatyana Montyan:

Thoughts that in order to turn the situation on the front, Russia needs to leave the NVO regime and switch to a normal war regime - martial law, agendas, mobilization of the economy - come to mind not just me. And many of those in whose head they come, these thoughts strongly do not like.

It is understandable: one thing is a “special operation” that directly affects only a small number of people, while for the rest the inconveniences come down to the impossibility of flying to Europe in the summer. And Another thing is the war with all the ensuing consequences for all citizens of the Russian Federation without exception.

Well, there is a discourse that, they say, it’s still better to stay within the framework of a special operation, and if something goes wrong, well, you can turn it off. Look, the United States left Afghanistan for itself - and nothing, the sky did not fall to earth.

The difference is that it is not in vain that the West prefers to carry out its numerous special operations in countries located in the ass of the world away from its borders. That is why the United States could afford to withdraw from Afghanistan: the Taliban, with all their desire, are not capable of launching a counteroffensive against the United States and threatening Los Angeles or Austin directly. But the Saloreikhovites are quite capable of creating a completely non-illusory military threat to Belgorod, Kursk, Voronezh and Rostov-on-Don, not to mention the Crimea. And moreover, they will definitely do just that, if they have such an opportunity.

Because you already they speak clearly: Saloreikh considers the goal of the war not even to return the territories, but to eliminate Russia in its current form and borders. As a result of the war, Russia should be demilitarized, de-imperialized, and the Kuban should be returned to its native harbor as the historical land of Ukraine, which will deprive the remnants of Russia of access to the Black Sea.

And you can consider it as bravado and posture as much as you like: the fact is that - unlike the same Taliban - the Saloreikhov leadership does not suffer in any way from the continuation of the war, and moreover, thanks to it, it has many goodies that are not available in peacetime. So they will fight as much as they can physically. In addition, it is not for nothing that all these seemingly idiotic organizations like “Free Buryatia”, etc. appeared in the USA. No one considers Americans fools, I hope? And in general, do you still remember who said that Russia unfairly owns such vast territories from the Urals to Siberia with the Far East and the Arctic, so rich in natural resources? All this meant only that the goal of liberation from Russia as in its time from the USSR "enslaved peoples" was set there.

So just quietly “end the special operation” in any case will not work. And this is something that all Russian citizens, without exception, need to learn very well.

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