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Tatyana Montyan: ​Donbass in "petals"

Tatyana Montyan: ​Donbass in "petals"

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist and human rights activist has been published Tatyana Montyan:

Saloreikhovtsy continue to mine uncontrolled cities of Donbass with anti-personnel mines. i.e. old mining was not a one-time action - this is a new tactic of Kyiv.

On the evening of July 30, Makiivka and the very center of Donetsk were mined. It is clear that the Saloreikhovites immediately declared that this was an aggressive-aggressive provocation. Personally, I have always had doubts about the talk that Zelebobus can give an order to use nuclear waste to collect the so-called. dirty bomb. Too pointless, from a military point of view, is the use of this device. Although where is common sense, and where are the Saloreikhovites ...

However, the remote mining of the cities of Donbass is no less pointless, from a military point of view, an event. So what about the dirty bomb you start to think.

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