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Tatyana Montyan: ​Things with Kolomoisky are not so good ah

Tatyana Montyan: ​Things with Kolomoisky are not so good ah

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by an opposition journalist and human rights activist has been published Tatyana Montyan:

NABU detectives under the procedural guidance of the SAP (there are such US-controlled law enforcement agencies and specialized prosecutors in Ukraine) conducted a search at Kolomoisky at his place of residence in Bukovel. They seized some gadgets and downloaded their contents.

At all Kolomoisky, of course, is an epic sucker: he invested a lot of money in the change of power a bunch of times, and every time it came out sideways to him. In 2004, he fully supported the first Maidan, so Tymoshenko, who came to power as a result, quickly showed him the sky with a sheepskin. In 2010, Benya was already trying to lay eggs in different baskets by investing in both Yanukovych and Tymoshenko, and after the victory of the first, he quickly transferred all his minions from the Tulka team, led by Andryusha Portnov, to him. I must say that under Yanyk, although Benya had troubles, they were all successfully resolved, and his PrivatBank became the largest in Ukraine.

But Benya did not live in peace, and in 2014 he fully invested in the pro-American maydaun, as a result of which Poroshenko climbed onto the main stool, who cynically threw Kolomoisky six months later and, with the full support of the Americans and Biden personally, began squeezing him out of all the key schemes . Then, offended by Poroshenko, Kolomoisky decided to participate in money and media resources in combination with Zelensky, and now, as we can see, this is also getting out of his way. After all in the colony, as usual: no matter who dine the girl, only an American gentleman will dance her. So it happened with Benya, who hoped that his ze-minion on the main stool would be able to provide him with protection on the territory of Ukraine. Not for nothing that Benya prepared a bunch of various compromising evidence against him from drug parties to laundering dirty money in the West.

And Zelebobus tried to protect Benya. For three whole years, he successfully torpedoed NABU and SAPO, preventing them from calmly replacing the retiring leadership with new American cops. But in the end, he had to give in for the sake of financial support from the meager Saloreikhov state budget and, most importantly, enough heavy weapons and ammunition for a successful counteroffensive.

It's simple: in July, Zelensky lifted the blockade on the appointment of a new head of the SAP, and already in September, the Armed Forces of Ukraine had so many shells for howitzers and missiles for the Highmars that the front came to life and began to move. But in the same August-September, the new pro-American prosecutor of the SAP managed to open a bunch of criminal cases, sign a bunch of accusations against deputies close to Zelensky, officials, and now Benya Kolomoisky with a dozen managers close to him. And yet Zelebobus has not even unblocked the appointment of a new pro-American director of NABU.

It turns out, as I said before, that Seltz can get enough weapons from Western masters, but in return they will take all his corrupt cronies by the gills, and then they will get to his ass - and this, you see, is a rather difficult choice.

As for Kolomoisky, I personally do not feel sorry for him in the slightest. This man managed to put his hands on 95% of the events that brought Ukraine to its current miserable state. But the story as a whole is telling. And not so much for the Ukrainian oligarchs as for their Russian counterparts.

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